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Ow ow ow OMG ow!

This looks painful (and rightly so!): FemDefence

It hurts just looking at it. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but, my goodness, anyone bit by it would deserve it a hundredfold. The cognitive dissonance just adds to the hurt—being male, and knowing what it does, I can’t help but cringe, but at the same time I don’t think it would be bad enough under the circumstances.

If I’m not making sense, just click the link. It’s even worksafe.

EDIT: note that it's designed to be retracted normally.

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You're right! I hadn't even thought of that.

That's ridiculous -- it can't possibly work as a deterrent and at any scale I can picture it, all it will do is make someone very very angry. I'm leaning towards hoax, but it could also be simple greed.

I'm leaning towards hoax

In the writeup for the 'product' it does say that it is an imaginary product.

I imagine that it would have to be a calculated risk. Still, I imagine further that many men would be fallen over clutching their damaged bits in mind-numb shock rather than being able to do anything.

I'm ambivalent on its practicality, but I appreciate the sentiment.

I second your "Ow ow ow OMG ow" and would like to add... OW.

this bothers me in all sorts of way and almost none of them are the ow ow *clutch my crotch* sort of ways.

I don't think I will write much on it as it is 1AM and my mind is not as sharp as I would like.

The only thought in my head right now, which is the not the most eloquent, is, from now, when raping girls, I guess rapists should stick to anal.

Did you watch the videos?

I can't imagine to put that into my body. Even if it said to not hurt the bearer, I see this long, shiny spike and curl up.

If you click a few images "next" from that link, it has a diagram of how it works. The spike only comes out when the casing is pushed on, evidently.

Even so. I'd freak out it could be activated by accident and would be completely para about sitting down or riding my bike ^^

The Sheep says: No Spikes Down There.

I'm not 100% sure that it would work as advertised, everything else aside. Nothin's straight lines and smooth tubes down there.

I keep thinking of the device in 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson where the young lady in question had a similar device which injected a fast acting knockout drug. That seemed like a pretty good idea.

Yeah, I've always wanted one of those.

Now that would be effective. I suppose the spike could be treated to get the same effect.

I think you would want something more sophisticated than a simple poisoned spike as you would want to avoid that %5 chance of poisoning yourself if you, say, bent over.

Somehow I don't think 1st Ed DMG rules apply here, but it's still a good point. Maybe iocain?

*laugh* I think the colorless and odorless qualities of iocain would probably be wasted in this instance. ;)

True, and the immunity-training required to make it safe is prohibitive.

Nanites then. Nasty, attack nanites that are loyal to the FemDefence wearer.

*twitch* Looks like a hoax/joke to me... I can't imagine a woman wanting to put something with a spike on it inside herself... *twitch*

I suspect it's more a product concept than a future product, which is the sort of thing that industrial designers often do in order to see if their idea is actually sane or has a market. Still, the idea is painfully fascinating.

Note that it's designed to be retracted until the case is sharply pressed.

I don't believe this is a good idea, at all, regardless of the "would he be angry/capable of causing further harm" issue. What about the issue of blood-borne illness? Creating a situation where you're guaranteed, in the case of rape, to be exposed to someone else's blood in your vagina is a BAD thing.

People would be a lot better off learning a bit of self-defence, being aware of their surroundings and walking a little taller than inserting a foreign object into their vagina, which has the risks of infection that any foreign object in your body has if you don't wash your hands first, etc., etc.

Both good points I hadn't thought of.

At this point, with all the now-obvious problem with it were it real, I think it's just appreciable as a statement.

Once upon a time, there were devices that could be described as something resembling an internal chastity belt. They were horrific things, cylindric cages made out of steel with awful looking spikes pointing inwards. They looked pretty brutal, especially when the spikes were pointed in such a way that it was easy to get in, but painful to get out.

Man, I wish I could find those pictures. They were shudder-inducing.

Haunting as that image is, I had to go and find it to exocise it. Alas, I didn't find anything more ancient than the 1970s: Alston Levesque's device and others.

Those are pretty shudder-inducing even with the small comforts implied by "surgical steel" and "tiny blades". It's no wonder that more ancient designs aren't well-documented, considering the gender of most historians.

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