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My 'net connection sucking
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For the past month my 'net connection at home has been hella flaky, and been down more often than the entire previous year combined. I'm at school now and I can't access my server, particularly the collaborative world project. Which sucks, because it means nobody else can reach it.

I'm actually hoping it's just flakiness and not deliberate Telus asshattery. I'll be moving before long, so I won't have to deal with this particular load of ship anymore. (I'll just get a new one to deal with.)

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When Telus finally (4 years) figured out we were running some mail and web servers on our account contrary to the terms of service, they slapped a bunch of inboound filters on our connection. You might be in the same boat.

If that's the case they are bastards and they won't have my business after the move.

I know they instituted inbound filters for common ports like 80, 25, 22, 21, etc. When I asked them about it, it was ostentiably for protecting the network from viruses. This makes sense, since there are a lot of unprotected services running on those ports. A Westender article noted that savvy compsci students who were using their servers to actually learn networking were just using higher ports. So I set up my webserver on 3000, and my ssh server on 3022... those ports shouldn't be targetted by viruses so if Telus is now blocking them they are right bastards.

As for terms of service: they don't actually disallow servers (define a server these days!) but they don't support servers...

Maybe not relevant, but a server is whatever software is listening for connections so if they chose to get literally they could just block all inbound connections period, I guess. Anyway that's just rambling because it's late -- here's hoping it's a glitch and not Telus being "helpful", preventing even the most opportunistic of attacks on your system by blocking ports they have detected (increasing!) HTTP traffic on. Wouldn't surprise me, though, and as they don't support servers on the residential plan, of course you don't get to complain.

Our solution was to buy the version that *does* support servers, so if you need some virtual servers in our meagre system, let me know.

Yes, it turns out it was just normal flakiness. A power-cycle on the router and DSL modem fixed it.

Thanks for the offer. I like playing with server boxes, though, so I hope I won't have to take you up on it.

Yeah, my reference to defining servers was more on the level of Internet topology than software services. The entire point of the Internet was a peer-level network. The increasingly locked-down 'net service being offered to average people is just serving to turn the 'net into yet another passive medium, with interactivity only provided by "legitimate" hosts like LiveJournal. Cutting out the little hosts just rubs me the wrong way, and stifles the development of new things.

I agree, though its roots go back to the initial commercialization of the net, where big services did (and still do) refuse to peer with smaller routing services, which is why Internet path redundancy is so incredibly below what it should be. Another good idea that has a hard time surviving capitalism.

Huh, I didn't know that about the fatter parts of the infrastructure.

Some days I really wish capitalism would just apologise for being obnoxious and go home alone.

My internet (Shaw) has been sucking to the point of being useless in the last week save for one day. It's got that same 'reboot the modem once an hour and it works' thing going that telus had in its worst points. Actually, the only internet that's been dead reliable for me has been straight-from-modem DSL or dial-up. I wonder...

Telus does seem to have a problem with routers. I can't imagine why, though: it's just standard network gear, you would think they'd have figured out how to interface to ethernet properly before rolling out ethernet-over-DSL.

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