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Waiting for Godot
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Apparently one of the library’s servers at SFU is named godot. This resulted in the amusing status message appearing in Firefox’s status bar that read approximately, “Waiting for godot.library.sfu.ca...”

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*g* I love literature geeks. I bet they called the server "Godot" just for this little waiting message.

I wouldn't put it past them.

Seems to me Peter van Eppe (spelling?) still runs the show there, so bet on it being deliberate. And probably a jab at his funding source as well.

Dunno if he's running the show—I don't move in anything like the right circles.

I, alas, haven't even seen the play that I referenced, so I'm not sure how his funding might related to it.

They used to have these little blue boxes that were the modems to the mainframe. They were called Gandalfs. No, really, that was the name written on them. They where a hell of a lot less reliable though.

Heh I remember working with big blue Gandalf modems in the early 90s. They had their own command language totally unlike the recently faamiliar but now also forgotten AT command set. They worked pretty well for us, inasmuch as anything network related worked well at that time.

This was the mid-80's. It seems to me that networking technology, although a lot different today, is not actually any *better*.

Damn, so figuring out how to use AT commands wasn't the investment I thought it would be...

Well, actually, I understand serial comm much better than I would have otherwise.

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