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“Get Perpendicular”
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“Get Perpendicular” is the weirdest animation I’ve seen in... I can’t remember seeing anything so odd. Well, nothing so odd and wholesome, at least, though a case could be made that the wholesomeness just increases the oddness.

It’s a flash animation that explaines Hitachi’s new perpendicular recording tech, which will yield increases in data density on hard drives anywhere from five to ten times. That means that current drives could go from 200GB to 1,000GB or 2,000GB in the next year or two. Sweet, eh?

But the animation explains this new technology in song. It’s actually a pretty accessible and good tech description, but... it’s singing.

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Sweet doesn't begin to cover it.

Yeah... I admit to using a bit of hypobole there. It's going to be awesome having that much space.

I'm looking forward to ripping all my CDs as FLAC files so that I never have to worry about what formats future portable music players support.

Gonna be a few years before I can afford any new computer, or technology. At all. But by then, prices will be dropping, right?

That was just awful. *shudder*

There oughtta be a Moore's Law

It's great!! Very Schoolhouse Rock :)

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