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1000 Blank White Cards
Went to estrellada’s place for Shannon’s going-away party (no, the other Shannon), and we played, among other things, 1000 Blank White Cards, which is an awesome game.

I’m not sure which was my favourite, but I sure did enjoy “King for a Day”, at least until “Queen Mum” was played, but then I got it back from the discards with “Grab Bag”, lost it to Willow when we all got hit by Shannon’s “Whirlpool! OH NO”, but that’s okay because babboo stole it with “Usurper”. And then he was both King and had the Monkey, but he had to make tea for estrellada when she played “Queen Grandmum” on him.

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That game looks like hella fun...

Alright, I'll have to get a group together to play that. That is possibly the most awesome game I've ever seen!

I want to try that game too!

Brother Pepper Spray of Looking at All Sides of the Question

Sister Cattle Prod of Warm Humanitarianism

Welcome, all who are weary warriors in the Unitarian Jihad! May your stay in this rather green and purple oasis be restful. ;-)

Which is to say, Hi!, I've seen you around other journals but we haven't met yet. I don't think I know you in meat-world, do I? Are you an Islander or a Mainlander?

(Found this searching for the UJ article: Unitarian Jihad Name Generator!)

Re: Brother Pepper Spray of Looking at All Sides of the Question

Hi back, Brother Pepper Spray of Looking At All Sides of the Question!

I'm a mainlander. I also go by Cat and I was at Tillie's for the Rod of God movie on Easter.

Re: Brother Pepper Spray of Looking at All Sides of the Question

Ah! You were the one making the purple scarf.

Re: Brother Pepper Spray of Looking at All Sides of the Question

That twould be me :)

I'm still knitting away :)

Sounds awesome. I have to try that soon.

That game sounds great! Just think... I could play all the silly nonsense I wanted without having to worry about pissing off the too-serious people who don't like my Unglued cards in Magic games... ;-)

Exactly! And the silliest people get to be the winners, because they always have the most fun.

A game of 1kBWC is by far the easiest icebreaker there is known, and since the only winners are the really silly people, everyone has fun while playing.

Glad you had fun playing it - I have yet to manage to get a group together to play it.

I indend on making it a staple of any gaming event I go to. Given pens and 99¢ for a pack of index cards, it's the most fun for the least amount of money I know.

And, hey, welcome to the journal. I've seen your icon around on friends' journals, though I can't think of who exactly at the moment... Oh, right, greyweirdo's journal. :-)

If you like that and are ever in the area, let me introduce you to a game called Morton's List...

...yeah. I reverse-engineered someone else's post asking for more interesting people that greyweirdo commented on, and so you passed the (probably low) bar I have for adding more text to my friends page. I'd have commented on the racism post, but that looked like it had been explored from every angle.

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