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New favourite insult
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My new favourite insult: “Dumber than a bag of inbred hammers.” Not that I often have call to insult people, but I look forward to using it to describe the next ridiculous development in the ongoing legislative shenanigans of our poor, backwards cousins to the south.

Credit to Jeph in his newspost in today’s Questionable Content for the inspiration.

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Don't forget, dinner tonight :)

Nope! Looking forward to it. Shall I bring a bottle of wine or something?

Hey sure!

And any food dislikes or restrictions?

None that I can... wait, no, can't stand liver. But other than that, I'm easy.

Alright, I'll pick up something tasty from the LDB before I head over there.

Hmm, I seem to have neglected to get the exact address. Email it to me at saxifrage00@livejournal.com?

Well, there is, of course, the federal conservatives who lately have been making me believe we've been infiltrated by republicans... You don't have to look that far afield to find stupidity, unfortunately.

Very true, but then I'd have to use it on people, which I don't tend to like to do. Well, sometimes there are exceptions in the ranks of the Tories...

But, fortunately, I haven't yet seen much Canadian legislation to which I should apply a creative adjective synonymous with "stupid". I don't think we'll ever get the volume of legislative stupidity as they're currently churning out down there. Did you know that it's legal to hunt domestic cats in some States?

Last place I lived at, there were so many cats in the neighbourhood that were just allowed to run free, eat the birds and poop in our vegetable garden, there were days when I wished WE had legislation like that.

I always like "Doesn't have the sense God gave a garbage can" but I can rarely say it without cracking up. No idea why but I rarely can say it without laughing.

Oh, that one's great! You use the best insults.

Strong like bull.

Smart like tractor.

And oldie but goodie.

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