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Bush and Kerry shack up
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Political commentary in the form of a Sims 2 game. (Coralcache link to save the poor guy’s bandwidth. Don’t worry, you can’t tell the difference.)

I’m tempted to say it’s not work safe, but the pixelated shenanigans SimBush and SimKerry get up to don’t really qualify, because, well, they’re sims. I will say that it’s rather disturbing, especially some of the screenshots from the Jong-Il household.

chili_das_schaf, I think you’ll like this.

(Stolen from rainbowk.)

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I actually knew this one, there was an icon with Bush and Kerry kissing around in my Sims 2 community. But thanks anyway I never read the whole thing until now dÜb

(Deleted comment)
Well then, it's the thought that counts. Getting to use geeky tech at the drop of a hat doesn't hurt, either.

Thanks again for the most excellent site!

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