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Roller-coaster Dummies
surreality, chameleons in space!, space
As I sat on the 135 SFU bus heading up to drop off my take-home final for Metaphysics yesterday, I saw a surreal sight at Hastings Park. Just as the bus passed the gates to the PNE grounds, the old wooden roller-coaster started ramping up the first big hill. Seated in it were more than a score of white crash-test dummies, sitting stock-still in a contraption that usually has people wildly flailing their arms about in adrenalin-soaked terror.

The coaster went around the track, the dummies sitting stoically through it all. It looks a lot less terrifying when the riders just sit there calmly.

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I think that was one of Metrotown's new promotions. For some reason they think that their main customers are "white dummies". Don't ask me why. I think it's pretty bloody stupid myself. But, I betcha anything, it's working! :)

It could have been, but I doubt it. It was a miserable day, just pouring rain, and there was nobody around to see, and no event-type looking activity or banners.

The rain just made the dummies riding the roller-coaster even more surreal.

These are the weird moments I love life for.

Wow, those are surreal moments for sure.

Awesome. I just found a picture of them too.

Awesome! Yes, that's what they looked like.

That reminds me of the time I saw a bunch of guys in big poofy chef hats playing hackey-sack downtown.

pondering luring you onto rollercoasters with her this summer!! Yay!! :)

pondering luring you onto rollercoasters with her this summer!! Yay!!

This is actually possible, though it is a rare enough occurrence that observers sometimes doubt that it is possible. Elves have been reported being lured onto rollercoasters before. Other observers sometimes contend that the "Wild Mouse" doesn't count as a real rollercoaster, though.

That thing does NOT count. That thing is WORSE than a rollercoaster -- it's terrifying! It's an abomination!


Oh, wait... were you talking about *this* "Wild Maus"? ;-)

Maybe I was talking about both! Just—not at the same time, as that would probably be detrimental to vital limbs and organs.

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