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New home
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So it looks like I’ll be moving in the very, very near future, into a large house with silverseastar, oceanstone, their kidlets, and miravaz. The place is in East Van around 41st, and just happens to be Miravaz’s old place from a year ago. How that happened was a bit serendipitous: Silverseastar called an ad for a 5-bedroom place in the area, knowing it was a good neighbourhood, and it was a suspiciously-familiar-sounding place. I take it as a good omen.

We’ve got a couple weeks overlap to move stuff, and then June 1st we’ll be officially resident. There is talk of a housewarming party... perhaps there will be... games?

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Party! Party! party!

I see dancing, dining, and games all in the glow of the orb as I look into our future ;)

Oh, and he moved last October, so 6 months actually.

Yay! And then my birthday follows a month after, on June 18th. Could be an active couple of months. :-)


er, count me in.

Ehhhhxcellent. If you still have it by then, you can bring the deck we started.

of course I still have them.


Oh no, that one made the cut? Well, I can always make a Bedpan card...

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