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Summer job
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I sent my résumé to my former employer, indicating that I was interested in casual work. By “casual work” I mean week-to-week scheduling: filling in for people taking vacation time, boosting the manpower when the customer workload spikes, that kind of thing.

I gave Friday as the earliest date to start, and I just got a call asking me to come in. Yay... kind of. I was actually wishing for a less—how-you-say—frantic response than is indicated by asking me in on the first day of my availability. Ideally, I would work two weeks out of four, enough to pay the bills while still having a relaxed summer. We’ll see how this works out, though, as I may just be paranoid about the meaning of getting called in on the first day of availability.

There’s one small snag, though: since I left, they’ve instituted a new drug-screening policy for all new hires. I have nothing to worry about since my only indulgences are caffeine and alcohol (and both in moderation, though that’s beside the point in this case), but I still need to schedule the test and go downtown, and they won’t talk to me about hours or shift or even if I’m “for sure” hired, until they get the results back from the testing company.

Oh, and before I forget, insert rant about the violation of privacy inherent in any drug-screening policy [here]. I understand the need for it in this industry, especially since all the customers are American airlines, but it’s still an erosion of personal autonomy.

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Especially because of the 'accuracy' of drug testing is often much akin to the 'accuracy' of lie detector tests.

Don't eat any poppyseeds before your tests. I'm sure you can find other 'net resources on what other substances will give false positivies.

Hm, good thought. I'll check that out now...

Oh yeah, poppy seeds are very bad for drug tests. They are the same seeds that would eventually grow kinds of plants that opiates are made from. You end up with the sort of trace elements in your system that their looking for.
Happened a bunch of times to people.
sad but true.

It looks like there are a lot of legal drugs (like Ibuprofen, antidepressants, and antibiotics!) that cause false positives, but poppy seeds are the only food that causes trouble. So, since I'm not on any painkillers, antibiotics, or anything else, I should be fine.

I just have to be careful not to inhale any second-hand smoke while I'm on the way to the test: who knows what could be in it when you live on the Drive. Apparently, second-hand pot will cause positive test results for several days. I don't think I've passed any joint-smokers that I could smell while walking around in the past week... being a hermit for exams has its advantages.

stupid mandatory drug testing
that is just not cool

on a side note: how is her heighness el Pookie?

Hope she is adjusting well!

She seems to be adjusting well. She's sitting on my lap and purring as I type. :-)

I only think that she's bored while I'm away with no-one else in the house. With the move to the new place in a month, though, there will always be people around, and even when they're not, they have two cats that I'm sure will keep her un-bored.

she is also used to being a little bored... I tended to travel a lot even when she still lived with me. Glad to know that she is purring and happy though, that makes me happy!

Yeah, the older a cat gets, the more time they spend sleeping. As I left for my last exam today, she was curled up on top of an old backpack on a box in my hall closet, and sleepily looked up as I got my jacket. She seems content enough. :-)

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