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Work update
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Right then. It appears that I’m not only working Friday, I’m working the (da-da-DUM) weekend shift.

The weekend shift is a horror.

The schedule will proceed as such: Thursday night, make myself lunch and dinner for the next day, go to bed at 9pm. Wake 5am Friday morning, get in the car at 5:30am, drive for an hour and change (because the place is in Abbotsford), start work 7am. Keep working until 8pm, with various breaks, including a lunch and a dinner break. Get in car and hit the highway before the clock finishes striking eight, drive an hour and get home at 9pm and change. Cook myself dinner and lunch for the next day, get to bed at 10pm. Get up 5am Saturday morning. Repeat through Saturday and Sunday.

It’s nice that I’ll have Monday through Thursday off, but there isn’t actually enough hours in the day to work a 13-hour shift, commute for two hours, prepare for the next day, get human in the morning, and get a full eight hours of sleep. I’ll be doing this for three weekends, filling in for one of the regular weekend guys who’s going on vacation. (Yes! there are people who do this all year.)

The best consolation, though: for nine days of work, I will make enough to pay my rent and food bills for approximately three months, almost the entire summer. I just hope that I’m not going to keep getting shifts like this...

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Wow dude. I've had my share of shitty shifts, but that *TOTALLY* sounds brutal. On the other hand tho, sounds like for short term it works.

Yeah, it's the short-term nature of this vacation-fill-in shift that makes it bearable. Three days of going non-stop with four days off, repeated a total of three times, isn't that bad. And I can expect at least $1500 in paycheques after those three weeks! I certainly can't complain that they're not compensating me well.

If they keep giving you shifts like that, you don't have to keep taking them. :>

This is quite true. I can take enough to pay my bills for the summer and longer, and then tell them something's come up and I can't keep working for them. Thanks for that perspective!

I always work like that. ;)

Well, 'as much as I want to'.

I agree with Erin, short term burn for long term gain :) Quit when you've had enough.

Yes, I think that'll be the plan if they schedule me every week rather than my ideal of two out of four. I love LJ for the perspectives that always flood in when something new comes up.

*hugs* New mantra: It's only temporary... it's only temporary...

Just as long as they don't lose one of the weekend guys and try to get you on that shift for the whole summer!! :-P

Don't forget to tell them about the folk fest ;-)

Yes, the Folk Fest is a non-negotiable Friday-Sunday off. If they insist by that time, I'll have worked enough that it won't be any bother to me to just pack it in and take the rest of the summer off.

Actually, if they schedule me 4 weeks out of 4, then this could work to my benefit: work a month or two straight, then take the rest off and availability be damned.

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