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Oh dear god making the hurting stop
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No, it’s a funny kind of hurt. It’s a site full of help-desk tickets entered by one incompetent technical service employee, which have been captioned by the poor guy who had to interpret the tickets in order to actually help the users who are reporting the problems.

My favourite, most painful one, is on Page The Eighteenth:

Username said she used to have a orgamic keyboard and would like to know if she could have it back. The one she has know hurts her to bad.”

Caption: “Oh my. I’m pretty jaded to George’s tickets, but this one made me burst out laughing. He’s talking about an ergonomic keyboard, by the way. If *I* had an orgasmic keyboard, though, I wouldn’t let ANYONE take it away.”

You must read this now. (Thanks for the link, reepicheep!)

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Anybody read the Wheel of Time? I think a computer with Lan on it would be scary. You'd press ctrl-alt-del and he'd pop out and kick your ass.


Package goes out today on my way back picking up khamura from the station :D

Yay surprise package!

Yeah, the comments are silly, but hilarious. I was havening a the good time is readening all off them.

yeah, I was havening fun as well. And pitied the poor coworkers of George.

"she is getting error message that say undliveriable messages,her hole area cannot send externail emails"

I'd say the problem here is that too many people's hole areas can send external emails....

*snork* I'm used to tech support humour that makes fun of the users, not the technicians!

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