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Thoughts after work
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Now I remember why I was so jubilant to move out of Abbotsford. Here in Vancouver I feel like myself and I feel like I fit, I’m at home. There I feel like everyone can see exactly how not-like-them I am, as if I’m some kind of non-mainstream freak. Abbotsford is such a social backwater. The most amusing thing about this, though, is that the well-toned guys in tight shirts and gold chains who would set off most people’s gaydar here are (ostensibly) straight there. Little do they know what their hyper-masculine swaggering walk and fashion sense might signal about them here.

There were two reactions from the mechanics and other techs outside my department. One was to greet me as if I’d never left and when they asked, “where have you been hiding?” they were surprised to hear me say I haven’t worked there for a year and I was going to university. The other reaction was to say something like “hey! You’re back!” and then ask me what the hell I thought I was doing coming back at all.

My feet are not used to standing for thirteen hours a day. They’re not quite so bad as I remember them being when I started my first retail job, but they’re protesting loud enough.

I still don’t mind the hour drive each way (except for the time it steals out of my day). For some reason I find highway driving to be very non-taxing.

Either the food at the cafeteria at work has gotten much worse or my standards have gone way up. Or they just don’t know how to make decent lasagna.

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Yeah, I always felt that way in Abbotsford too.

Also: schedule a non-Wednesday, non-Thursday evening in there for me sometime next week.

Seeing as I already have Monday night booked, I guess that leaves Tuesday. Call me/call you?

Love you too, sweetie! It was a wonderful surprise to see you this morning.

ack! Take care!

I know that feeling about "hiding out".

The silver lining is that it makes me appreciate where I live all the more,

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