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Smurf erotica
surreality, chameleons in space!, space
Smurf erotica. It’s probably the most well-written and disturbing piece of erotica I’ve ever read. I’m guessing (or maybe just sincerely hoping) that it’s intended as a joke—a parody of most fanfic erotica.

Thank the monkey for the insanity.

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Papa Smurf flings off his Levis and frees the Magnificent Heat-Seeking Moisture Missile from its cradle.

This is the best line. :)

Naw, this is: As the exhausted (and completely sated) Smurfs lie in sexual stupor, gentle rains come (not them, too!) to wash away all traces of the fleshfest that was. And you wondered why Smurfs are always in such a good mood...

licking and sucking like a starving child with an ice cream cone

This guy should write childrens books.

Worth it for the aliteration alone.

The Smurf peice is as old as the hills. I'm having teenage flashbacks right now.

Ow my eyes. I can NOT believe I just read that.

Hmm. Somehow I can't quite imagine it. This may mean that I have no need of brainbleach, unlike the rest of you. Still, unique concept, if nothing else.

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