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Computer hardware
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Holy crap, my computer is being slow like a retarded snail going the wrong way on an escalator. This is only encouraging me to think about buying a new computer to replace this ageing six- or seven-year-old machine.

Clumsy segues aside, I’m really out-of-touch with current hardware. I heard of an AMD chip called an FX-42 or something like that—when last I looked they were numbering their chips with things like 3200+ and the like. Apparently there are umpteen-million different kinds of DVD rewritable formats that you have to pick from before choosing a compatible drive, and there’s this thing called PCI Express that (I think?) replaces AGP. Sorting through the glut of video card models is a daunting task, and apparently RAM went from being something simple where you chose either EIDO or SDRAM and the amount, to being a nasty maze of DDR2/3, motherboard and RAM manufacturer compatibility, and clock speeds. The hell?

So, educate me with your one-minute thoughts on current computer hardware. What do you recommend I look for in a new desktop PC?

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Tom's Hardware r0x0r5 my b0x0r5!

Yeeeah... I figured that I would have to hit up Tom's and Anandtech to get back up to speed.

What do you recommend I look for in a new desktop PC?

PRETTY. That's about as much as I know of computers. That they should be pretty.

On the inside or on the outside? I would love and Apple iBook, but that'd be impractical for the stuff I'd want to use my main machine for.

I think most laptops are ugly. I've never had one, though I want one. People look so smart when they bring them to class. They seem highly personal, however, so I don't think I could own one if I thought it ugly. I suppose what's inside is better, though.. damn you and your practicality. I'd only use it for word processing, anyway. And playing the Sims. Oh oh and watching movies, I guess..

I think that, like any computer, even an ugly laptop grows on its owner. That, and when you're using it the stuff going on inside it tends to distract from its outside.

I find that something that's well-designed but maybe not exactly "pretty" in a conventional sense eventually becomes pretty by virtue of its niceness of design while interacting with it.

Actually, people are kind of like that too, come to think.

Cute little computer faeries that grant wishes.

I think I've got some Revenue Canada workers filling that role this time around: my tax return is going to be nice and hefty.

'Course, they're probably not going to be as cute as real computer fairies.

Wow. I'm more up to date on hardware than you are??

Seems so. I've just not been paying any attention. I only just learned that such things as 8ms response-time LCD monitors exist, via a London Drugs flyer. A London Drugs flyer of all things!

I'm way behind. However, the silver lining to being way behind is that, look! there are all these magical goodies that didn't exist the last time I was paying attention.

Indeed. And if you need advice, I'm sure you can get that aplenty, so I won't offer :) Let me know what you get, okay?

I'll be sure to make a detailed post about it, at the very least. :-) I like me some hardware porn, I do...

Surprised, I am. Really, I am! :)

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