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Academic ass-kicking
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Woo, I pulled straight As this past term, with a couple minuses and one plus for variety. darthmaus is right—I am turning into the Ultimate LazyEfficient Student.

Benjamin Hoff needs to write The Tao of University next. I would do it, but that would be work.

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nicely done !!

your brain must be huge !!!

Absolutely enormous. They tell me the structural upgrade to my head-truck will be done Thursday, so I'll be able to go out and be social again.

Perfect ... maybe we can meet up for sundaes

yay for you! Send over some of your brainwaves to help me with that Logic course.

*sends brainwaves*

Just try to channel Spock and you'll be fine.

Honey, you rock!!

(Somehow I missed this post in my last quick browse of my LJ-friends, in between helping customers with reports and whatnot)

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :-)

Somehow, even doing well, I feel like I'm not really, truly doing well if I didn't really work my ass off for it. Does it count if it's easy? It seems like it should and shouldn't...

Of course it counts!! Why does everything have to be hard to be valuable? Surely you understand that -- think of all the things that you are laid back about, that are relatively easy for you, and yet still very meaningful. It's really easy to let that whole Protestant work ethic bunch of nonsense sneak in when school is involved, though, isn't it?

In fact, I consider it a greater accomplishment: seriously, it *is* efficient. Joke all you want, but you are far by definition more efficient than people who have to work their ass off to get the same grades.

Yes, and I just need to have the right set of ideas (like those) to remind myself with when I start feeling that way. If I know my shit, I do, regardless of how hard I had to work for it.

This past term I really started to get into the swing of the laid-back approach applied to school. It seems like it just might take another term to internalise, is all. ;-)

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