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Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting
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Kung-Fu Hustle is an awesome movie, and everything that people have said about how good it is haven’t been resorting to hyperbole at all. At every turn, it ups the ante. Just when you think that any more would be absurd, it goes beyond what you thought would be absurd and then makes it make perfect sense.

I think I’m an official fanboy now. (At least as much as I fanboy about anything, that is, which is usually just a quiet kind of ambient but pervasive fandom.)

My cold is being all awful and I’m being all whiny about it. Nasty rasping cough, voice at half-mast, and congestion so great that I could change the kitty’s litter without smelling anything. Ugh.

Now I go eat leftover channa masala and rice pulao. Yum.

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Yes, I'm barely resisting the urge to go to another showing.

I saw it with Kynnin, so that's twice now, and the only reason I'm not going again is because if I need to sit through the preview of Madagascar one more time I will DIEDIEDIEBADBADBAD.

Thanks for the note in the other window, btw, but I'm busybusy lately.


Poor sweetie; hope your cold is better today. And very, very glad that my leftover tasty tasty Indian food did not go to waste -- we must go back there sometime soon!!

Yes! More bubble tea (after finding a garbage can!) and more Indian sounds very good. I will reserve more of an appetite for next time, too. I hope we get the same server again.

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