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And my first anxiety dream in ages
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Skip this if you’re unused to angst in my posts. I promise this week of whining and such is an anomaly.

So, a dream last night, commentary in parens.

It was a house much like my mom’s back in Mission in terms of layout, except it was darthmaus and her hubby’s house. I was resting in one of the smaller bedrooms at the end of the hall, kind of delirious, but I new I had to go for my last math final exam (cue anxiety) later that day. Looking at the clock, it didn’t make much sense (because, well, reading things in dreams doesn’t really work. It was a messed-up clock, too, with eight at the bottom) and I eventually sorted out that it said 7 o’clock in the evening, and oh-my-god my exam was scheduled from four until eight! So I know I can’t make it to school in less than half an hour and I’m trying to figure out if I can write the exam in half an hour if I jump up and hurry right damn now.

Of course, that doesn’t happen. Instead, darthmaus‘s mother shows up to visit, and I’m rushing about in only a sarong trying to get going. This thoroughly derails me as I try to hide, not wanting to out Maus as poly (despite the fact that her mom knows about me in real life), but I get drawn into chit-chat with her and her mom. Then her mom asks me if the tote bags she got for my parents this just-passed Christmas were liked and how did they like the surprise in the bottom of one? and I can’t remember what she’s talking about but have the sinking feeling that it was a present she had given to me to deliver to my parents. (Of course, it makes no sense that I would be afraid of outing my sweetie as poly to her mom even as her mom obviously knows about me enough to be buying present for my parents.)

End dream. I don’t normally have anxiety dreams, and I’ve never had an OMG-I’m-late-for-a-test dream (though I have actually woken up and gone OMG-I’m-late-for-a-test in real life—last term, in fact). This is way out of the norm for me. Not only that, but this was a dream that included school, poly-outness, and my Christmas-shopping anxiety all in one convenient, tormenting bundle. I woke at six and wanted to scream in frustration.

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I woke up at 6:30 this morning

from an unexpected and unprecedented anxiety dream in which I discovered that zargon and my mother were having a longstanding affair...

now THAT'S odd.

Re: I woke up at 6:30 this morning

This does appear to be a week of bad dreams for a lot of people. I finally decided to post this instead of just dismissing it as a wtf? dream because it seemed so in-theme for the week.

Maybe it's the cosmic balance making up for the lovely weather.

P.S: My weird dream can't be excused with lovely weather because it rains here ;)

Yes, the blame belongs squarely on the atmospheric Cheetos. Curse their vapourous orangeness!

Yeah, I remember the one where the cars in my dream were lined up for a race in dowtown. It was crowded with people to watch the race. The flagman would drop the flag, they would race off, and then...there'd be something wrong, and they'd have to come back and start all over again! And again! And again!

That sounds like the sort of dream I might have when I'm feverish, particularly the repetition part.

What's going on? I think the rest of you borrowed my typical anxiety levels this week.

Do you find dreams like that have a kind of destabilizing effect on the whole day -- especially if they're realistic? It's like witnessing a car accident. Or did you just bounce back after a shower?

Sometimes they will, depending on what other stressors are present in my day. In this case it didn't happen, as I rolled over and slept in after deciding that, yes, that was just a dream, and after getting up at 10 o'clock I just stayed in all day nursing my sick.

*hugs* Poor sweetie. That is unusual for you. Obviously you've been spending too much time with me, and the anxiety dreams are rubbing off on you ;-)

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