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New computer
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I have a brand spanking new computer now, cristened "Plato". Some assembly was required, but I've finally got it up and running with Win XP on it (for games, of course—Debian will go on tomorrow-ish for serious use). It's nice and fast, and can do things my old computer (which was called Saxifrage long before I used that name online, which says something about its age) could never do. I splurged a bit and got a nice video card, too, so I'll be set for gaming stuff for the next couple of years.

First order of business after getting Windows running was to install Firefox, of course, which is the one thing that I consider Internet Explorer to be good for.

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WOOT for new computers!

BOO for IE!

*does the I-have-a-new-computer dance*

And finally, finally, I have an optical mouse. No more ball-swabbing for me!

*keeps mouth shut*

*sort of...*

apt-get install firefox ? :)

I wish. I'm only halfway done installing drivers and software to make Windows minimally useful with the hardware that I built, and I've already become shudderingly familiar with the good ol' would-you-like-to-reboot-to-confirm-moving-your-mouse? way of doing things. On the upside, it does boot smokin' fast.

Ah, what beautiful things this machine will do once I get a real operating system on it...

Woot! Congratulations. Does this mean in a few years your new nickname will be Plato?

I hope not. Now that would be weird.

Cool, what are the stats? How much was it?

Athlon 64 3500+ (which means 2.2 GHz), 1 Gb of ram, an ASUS A8V Deluxe (non-PCI Express, though) motherboard, a 120 Gb SATA drive, a DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW/CD-RW drive, a super-quiet Antec Sonata case, an eVGA-brand Nvidia 6800 GT 256 AGP video card, onboard sound and gigabit ethernet, and an ergonomic keyboard and an optical mouse (finally!). Mostly because of the $400+ video card, it cost ~$1500 before tax and ~$1700 after at ATIC computers. And, currently, it's running XP Home—I opted not for Pro because I don't expect to be power-using on the Windows side, just gaming.

And yesterday, I went a got a monitor to suit it and came home with a Sony SDM-HS75PS 17" flat panel that is simply beautiful and stung at a hefty $600 after-tax. All in all, I saved on system components and splurged on visuals. The video card and monitor together cost about as much as the rest of the system

Is it pretty? It better be pretty.

It's extremely pretty, in a black and shiny kind of way. The case has what they apparently call a "piano black" finish, so it's smooth and shiny. All the connectors and drives on the front are hidden by doors, and there are two dim blue lights either side of the silver connectors door.

The monitor, though, is a stylegasm. That's all that needs be said about it.

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