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BC-STV referendum question results and other election goodies
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The Yes vote for a change to BC-STV got a simple majority in 72 of 73 reporting ridings, and 57 % support province-wide. Yes-vote proponents are pushing to have re-elected Premier Campbell and the new Opposition Leader James to recognise the support.

I’m not sure how I feel about this development. Clearly, change is desired and STV is supported. Obviously, the criteria that it garner a simple majority in 48 ridings and get 60 % support province-wide hasn’t been met. As an other wrinkle, the referendum result wasn’t legally binding on the government anyway, so, interestingly, neither is a failed result.

Two further wrinkles are that the vote-count isn’t yet finished, and that Campbell has said that voters obviously support STV and there is a “fairly strong mandate for reform” but he’s not going to unilaterally impose it.

In other news, the Libs got 46 seats, the NDP 33, and the leader of the Greens failed to win her seat despite optimistic predictions. Granted, there’s some recounts to be done yet, but the overall result isn’t going to be different. It’ll be good to have a more balanced government.

More BC election news can be found here.

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The BC-STV results are a wrinkly conundrum. Still, I'm pleased with the clear majority vote.

I'm also pleased that I can rely on your journal for my local news! =P

-the media hermit

Which is funny, because I can be quite the media hermit, too. I woke up this morning, checked my email, and after breakfast and a nice chat with silverseastar I came back to my computer and thought, "Oh, hey, I voted yesterday. I should maybe, y'know, actually follow that up and see who won..."

I could not possibly be happier with the result.

It does, for me anyhow, every single thing I wanted it to do.

1. It defeated the STV system as proposed.
2. It should a clear support for change.
3. That support was recognized by a majority seated government.

I support electoral reform, but for reasons you and I have discussed, this wasn't the system. My fear was that a failure would result in no reform ever being done. Instead, what we have now is a chance for alternate forms of electoral reform to be discussed and evaluated.

Let us get something that truely works.

I'm also against STV but still am glad it got so much support - the government clearly cannot hold an election next time with a FPtP system that 57% of people have disagreed with (and that a good chunk of the remaining 43% probably disagree with as well). (I want a PR system.)

On another note, I'm glad Campbell's in again (yes, I'm one of them ;D) (and I should probably clarify that I don't really like the man himself, just his government) (and my gladness has something to do with the fact that 4 years for any party isn't enough time to get anything accomplished, especially when we keep switching extremes) but I'm even more glad that we have a better balance this time (someone's got to keep his ass in check) (especailly his).

If the referendum was non-binding, what does the standard of 60%+60% mean?

I'm not sure where those bars came from actually.

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