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Germany goodness
A package from Germany arrived in the mail yesterday! I opened it this morning and I’m currently ripping the CDs contained within. The chocolate and other things look nummy, but I haven’t had my breakfast yet, so I haven’t sampled any of it. I can’t yet figure out if the kitty food is still within its best-before date though, since I can’t really read the packaging.

Oh, and we do have Kinder Surprise in Canada—what surprises me is the thought that they don’t have it in the States! That, and the fact that the Kinder chocolate was slightly minty...

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They don't have Kinder Surprise in the States because the government mandates that all food products must be completely edible.

It's there because you know some American child will greedily wolf down the egg, thinking that it's all chocolate, and then be very surprised when it isn't.

It's a shame we can't have them because of the idiot children we know exist. Becuase Kinder Surprise are by far some of the coolest things in the world.

Wow, that's a weird!

Is there a site where I can check on that law? It's for a gameshow where you can send in questions which celebrities have to discuss and solve, if they don't make it you win money. And "why are Kinder Surprise eggs forbidden in America" would make a great question, wouldn't it? :D

Well, I don't know the exact law, and I've misled you a bit - but if you check out


in the FAQ, they point to two possible laws that prevent the sale of the Kinder Surprise in the U.S. The important one appears to be the second one referenced.

I think it would be an excellent question to pose.

I fear ever meeting the child that could stuff a Kinder Surprise in their mouth whole.

...Stupid America.

I once swallowed a part of a Kinder Surprise toy. But I was four and it was tiny. And I still live.

As kid I never even imagined to swallow an egg whole, I mean, testing the eggs out by rattling and judging the weight to guess what's inside was the whole fun in the supermarket.

That only works if you know beforehand that there's a toy inside. I'm thinking of a child that's so stupid as not to realize what's going on and just pop the thing into their mouth whole and choke on the toy container or the toy itself...

...which I know exists. After that McDonalds incident, I trust only that the stupidity of people is potentially legendary.

I really lost hope. Minty? O.o I never connected that taste to Kinder Chocolate.

The best before date for the kitty food should be imprinted directly on the package, usually at the top or at the bottom. "Mindestens haltbar bis:" means "best before". Sometimes it is just the date in digits, Day/Month/Year.

I hope you enjoy the candy and the music :D

Ah, that "200107" must mean 20th day, 1st month, 2007. Not 7th month, 2001. ^^

Still good!

Yay! But I thought so. Catfood is edible forever. I hope Pooks enjoys it.

Yes, the dating format in Germany is day/month/year. That's why I'm really bugged with my userinfo, because it says my birthday is 1981-01-09, which is for *me* the first of September and not the ninth of January.

Yeah, stupid non-standard date formats. ISO all the way!

It was only vaguely minty, in a way that could have been picked up from something nearby. The only thing I can think of would be the packing tape? It doesn't smell minty to me, though.

The egg was burst, so who knows.

Oh, and we do have Kinder Surprise in Canada—what surprises me is the thought that they don’t have it in the States! That, and the fact that the Kinder chocolate was slightly minty...
America has a rule, and our laws reflect that rule. If it's enjoyable, it must be banned. Thus you can be arrested for selling pot and dildo's in this coutry, but if you want to hand out hand guns to school children, that's okay

I'd issue further exhortations for you to move to Vancouver, where we have Kinder Suprise eggs, but of course I'm not talking to you anymore, you piggy.


Now why should I move to Vancouver when the only person I know there won't speak to me?

There *IS* more than one person living in Canada. We just live about 10 km apart from each other!

But I only know the one of you. Well I only know one in Vancouver.

Two if you count the one you're just commenting to.

Hey, I thought you wanted to move in here?! ;)

I forgot saxifrage00 lived in the area as well.

I do want to move to Germany, but darthmaus is making suggestions that I move to Vancouver instead

Well that's easy—have your summer home here and your rest-of-the-year home there. Duh!

Now why didn't I think of that? Simple when you consider all your options

And he could bring my packages to you, which would be far quicker than the mail -.- Plus the Kinder Surprise eggs wouldn't be burst - because as I read on the site silveradept provided that the German toys are far niftier than the Argentinian ones (you get your eggs from Argentinia).

You know other people in Vancouver!

Besides, I'm speaking to you again. I don't hold grudges for very long, even if you think this cute green guy is phallic.

Well I know you and Saxifrage, I'm not sure if there is anyone else right now.

And.. phallic? I thought it looked like a gummie letter L, ya know... with legs...

You thought it looked like a... oh yeah I suppose I see it now. Pervert!


(I'm... using... too... many... elipses!)

chocolate everywhere is made different. Canadian chocolate is NOT the same as US chocolate, for the most part (although that's changing *pout*). I'm pretty sure US chocolate is chalk with colour and vanillin and other toxic flavours....
(I get a terrible headache eating US chocolate....)

German chocolate's definitely slightly different. So's Dutch, British, Swedish, ...
Probably doesn't help but a LOT of candies/... are manufactured in the country they're sold in rather than imported.... Canada being no exception here.
But you can find the imported stuff in appropriate stores (mmm Polish chocolate) as long as it passes Canada's food rules. (they usually do)

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