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Germany goodness
A package from Germany arrived in the mail yesterday! I opened it this morning and I’m currently ripping the CDs contained within. The chocolate and other things look nummy, but I haven’t had my breakfast yet, so I haven’t sampled any of it. I can’t yet figure out if the kitty food is still within its best-before date though, since I can’t really read the packaging.

Oh, and we do have Kinder Surprise in Canada—what surprises me is the thought that they don’t have it in the States! That, and the fact that the Kinder chocolate was slightly minty...

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Well, I don't know the exact law, and I've misled you a bit - but if you check out


in the FAQ, they point to two possible laws that prevent the sale of the Kinder Surprise in the U.S. The important one appears to be the second one referenced.

I think it would be an excellent question to pose.

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