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Germany goodness
A package from Germany arrived in the mail yesterday! I opened it this morning and I’m currently ripping the CDs contained within. The chocolate and other things look nummy, but I haven’t had my breakfast yet, so I haven’t sampled any of it. I can’t yet figure out if the kitty food is still within its best-before date though, since I can’t really read the packaging.

Oh, and we do have Kinder Surprise in Canada—what surprises me is the thought that they don’t have it in the States! That, and the fact that the Kinder chocolate was slightly minty...

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Well that's easy—have your summer home here and your rest-of-the-year home there. Duh!

Now why didn't I think of that? Simple when you consider all your options

And he could bring my packages to you, which would be far quicker than the mail -.- Plus the Kinder Surprise eggs wouldn't be burst - because as I read on the site silveradept provided that the German toys are far niftier than the Argentinian ones (you get your eggs from Argentinia).

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