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My brother and I got a copy of Milton Bradley's HeroQuest many Christmasses ago. Not to be confused with the Heroquest RPG which is related to Runequest and set in Glorantha, this HeroQuest is a board game for 5 players. Four take the roles of either the Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, or Wizard, and quest for treasure, glory, and the obligatory saving-the-world-from-Evil stuff; while the fifth player unveils the rooms on the board as the players enter them, and controls the monsters and other nasties that stand in the players' way.

That Christmas we played it to death to the grumblings of Jim Morrison in Doors' Greatest Hits. It was great! Later we broke out the Testor's enamels and painted up all the monsters so that they'd be more interesting than unbroken green, grey, and white. The Orc Chief done up in gold robes, silver sword, and silver chainmail is still the tackiest bit of painting I've ever done. :-}

Eventually the much-abused box got stuffed into the closet, I moved out, then my brother, and I didn't think about it for years.

Just last month my Mom was cleaning out her place while packing up for a move and unearthed all our old games. When she called to ask if I wanted the beat-up copies of Risk and "that old dungeon game" my reaction was more than enthusiastic! So now I've got a copy of HeroQuest and want to play. Somewhere along the line we even acquired (likely from friends) a copy of the second expansion, Return of the Witch Lord, which means that there are even more hours of dungeon-delving fun in that box than I remember.

Now to find four other players...

Look at all these sweet online resources for fans of HeroQuest!

The biggest HeroQuest site out there. w/ FAQ

New quests, and tiles for CGing new quests

The Alchemist's Bench: newsletter, sources of replacement parts for the game, new stuff via email(!), articles

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(Deleted comment)
Would that other expansion possibly be Kellar's Keep?

Erin is interested in playing, and I'm going to try to convince Mouse and Chris to play with us. That would give us four out of the necessary five players...

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, that's tempting.

*discussion with Erin*

That weekend doesn't work for us, alas. I'm definitely up for a HeroQuest party at some point. I can't commit to a second on-going game of it, but a day of one-off Quests is really appealing.

I'd be willing to run the game. Seeing as there would be a mix of seasoned and green players, it would be best to eschew the original Quests and go with one from the 'net. There are a bunch that use custom tiles that are printed out and mounted on heavy stock, and preparing those would be an interesting exercise in itself.

Yeah, that'd be keen.

And "eschew" is a neat word.

Chris and Mouse are, of course, keen.

DUDE ! That game totally rocked.

Me and my roommate Zach used to play it all the time with some friends when I lived in Vic. I loved that game. I was always the barbarian (don't get outside the reach of the lantern! *smile* )

Ah, the memories. I was always Zorgon, siccing the monsters on the players and laughing maniacally. The rare few times I played I favoured the Elf, because elves are sexy and so is magic paired with a longsword. Of course, I always got either the Earth or Water spells, but I suppose the Wizard did need the offensive spells in Air and Fire...

Ooh .. the mad laughter is a must!!!

Playing the barbarian in that game is what made me play a fighter in DnD3rdED. I have always played either mages or clerics but instead I went with a straight out figher and loved it! Much simpler mentality to a fighter, even one who is leading the party. Very easy to stay in character too! *smile*

Hrm, y'know, there might be something to that.

I've never gone with a straight fighter. Maybe I'll try that next time I'm on the other side of the DM's screen.

My general plan was to build up 6 levels or so in fighter and then switch over to thief ... do three or four levels in thief ... then switch to something else and then again and then again and so forth ... not the best approach when a power character is what you are looking for but I really liked the concept of the jack of all trades, master of none, and it fit with the character I had developed in my mind.

Ah yes, a true jack of all trades, as opposed to that awful bard-thing they have for 3e.

Serendipitously, I have an opportunity to get in a game as a player for once. I'm planning on either a human or elven soldier/archer recently discharged from the army, mostly thanks to your comment. I don't know if I'll have him multiclass eventually, but a couple levels of thief or ranger might be keen.

Good stuff.

I am jealous of your proximity to 3rd games ... one more reason to get my ass to a city where I have friends, I suppose. My buddies have been playing some Earthdawn lately as well ... that game is fun. I miss FASA.

Damn, Earthdawn looks nice. A few years ago I picked up the core book but I've never played. There doesn't seem to be enough material in there to actually play, but I like what little of the magic system they go into in the core book at least.

Poly circles are a veritable trove of geekiness. I've met so many fellow geeks recently that it's hard to believe. :)

there ends up being a fair bit in there as you have rules around which to build just about anything you would want.

I highly recommend it.

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