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Super Secret Spy Camera
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This camera is damned cool. The image quality isn’t half bad, but the real draw is in having a camera concealed in a zippo-style case.

I want one, but I want a higher-resolution camera more. Mmm, digital camera droolingresearch...

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ThinkGeek is bad. They don't ship to Germany and have so many droolworthy things :(

So have the stuff sent to someone in America/Canada and ask them really really nice to ship it to you.

You just want to make me broke, don't you?

It's a goal.
A person has to have goals.

Hey, if ya wanna watch all ya have to do is ask! *laughs hysterically and runs away before you hit her*

Great, I'll make popcorn!

haha holy cow.. someone JUST showed me this website last night so i could look at the caffeine soap. everything is fun.

ThinkGeek is great. I think I have to buy one of these shirts.

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