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Housewarming, noun.
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Housewarming House"warm'ing, n.
A feast or merry-making made by or for a family or business
firm on taking possession of a new house or premises.
1913 Webster
You’re going to be at the housewarming tomorrow, right? Yes you are. Good readerling, you get a cookie.

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Got NIFTY first, but hopefully will stop by later for a quick look at the old place.

Sadly, no. But if I wish you a warm house, can I have a cookie anyway?

Sure, and thank you! From here all the way to the East coast, though, this cookie is the best I can do.

warm houseness!

i cannot come but i bet it will be fun even without me!

yay new places. they're always the best.

Hey dude, I had every intention of going to the housewarming despite the 24 hour game-a-thon the night before but by 10pm I just couldn't do it. Sorry buddy.

*but* I do have a new game to show you. It has pirates. Arghh.

Mmm, pirates...

But speaking of games, I keep hearing about this one. Adrian's got a few players-worth of pieces, though he suggests using house rules to reduce the amount of artificial need to buy more sets (like crew-ship nationality rules, I think he said).

I think I need to play this game. Boats! And pirates... I imagine it like Sid Meier's Pirates! except with more plastic.

I just bought a box last night. :) I think it might be a good idea to set up an evening for it.

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