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Things that happened today
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Things that happened today.

Had excellent conversation in the dark snuggled up in bed with darthmaus. Technically this happened yesterday, but technically technically it was probably after midnight, so it counts.

Met neomeruru downtown and walked with her and die Maus to Hon’s on Robson, where we had wonderful Chinese food. The vegetarian won-ton soup was startlingly tasty, as was the deep-fried cod in sweet corn sauce. (Since when is creamed corn Chinese?)

Then we had Mario’s gelati at a place on Denman that stocks the stuff, and were collectively amused by the semi-pornographic candy that chili_das_schaf sent over from Germany. We ate the coke-flavoured ones and talked about our love for Red Dwarf and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. It turns out that I own on DVD one of neomeruru’s favourite MST3k episodes, Space Mutiny. Mmm, camp. Also decided that I needed to own some Red Dwarf on DVD.

Went to Virgin records on Robson, got me some Moxy Früvous. On the way to the bathroom (cleverly hidden behind the DVD section), what do I find but a two-pack shrinkwrap special on Red Dwarf Seasons 5 and 6 on DVD. Promptly bought, blowing my shiny-spinny-plastic budget for a bit to come.

We three went then to Jean Queen on the Drive. I became my alter-ego of Patient Clothes-Shopping Boy while Mouse and neomeruru combed the racks for interesting things. There was much squeeing over an orange hat, as well as a couple of Hawai’ian-ish shirts, one for each of the lovely ladies. There was also much trying on of stuff and discovering that non-standard body shapes (since when do they come standardised? Is there an ISO spec for that now? I know the ANSI has got is all screwed up, as usual) are just not catered to by the clothes-manufacturing industry. Still, there was stuff happily found and bought. I even came out with a very nice black faux-silk button-down. I don’t normally buy clothes in a just-passing-through kind of way, but when both the girls you’re with agree that it looks hot, you buy it.

Parted ways with neomeruru at Broadway Station, then picked up some groceries with Mouse before heading home. Made dinner for the Rhodes Manor crew—potsticker (hah! no ™ this time, you Potsticker trade-mark nazis!) soup and random stir-fry, and it went over well. It was about half-an-hour to forty-five minutes late, as seems to be usual for when I cook dinner. I seem to be getting proportions right, but I need to work on my prep-time estimates.

Took Her Mousiness home with a good snuggling and some organic recyclables for the composter.

Thence back to Rhodes Manor to unwrap the cello mummy-wrapping that comes as a standard feature on all shiny-spinny-plastic these days from my Red Dwarf seasons. oceanstone and I watched “Holoship” and “The Inquisition” before miravaz and silverseastar heard the call of the Dwarf and joined us for “Terrorform” and “Quarantine” (which is one of my favourite episodes).

Then I checked my LJ friends-list and rheall’s icon reminded me that I wanted to post about my newly-acquired Dwarfy goodness and all the rest of the great day I had.

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That sounds like a very good day. Conversations after midnight are the best (and most useful, shortly followed after conversations during washing the dishes).

The coke-flavoured ones are actually a novelty. When I was a kid they only had the other flavours (and no semi-pr0n on the cover).

Yes, it was a very useful conversation.

The coke ones made us all think of coke-flavoured Slurpees, and then we got cravings for icy syrupy goodness even though it was pouring outside. (Never mind that we were sitting in an ice-cream shop at the time...)

And if I have anything to say about it, there will be more. Oh yes, there will be more... two seasons are not enough.

How much was the red dwarf?

It was marked as $69.99, coming to about $80 after.

Yes indeedy! It was marked down from $79.99, and since I was compelled to buy them regardless, the tax off was a nice bonus.

OOooooo... did they have seasons 1-4?

Could be, and probably, but I didn't even look. I just grabbed my loot and took it upstairs to the cash, with a brief pause to thrust it toward each of the ladies and squee.

Seasons 1-4 are indeed avaliable the two you got have just come out.

Yeah, I seem to remember reading something about that on the Red Dwarf site when I was looking for movie info. They were in the new release section, too. I'm just suprised that they marked them down at all, even as little as $10.

I love Moxy Fruvous :) That takes me back to University, where I saw them play live at the National Art Museum and in the Bytown Market at Beeblebrox's. I bought their first *tape* of 'Bargainville' there, which I personally prefer to the CD. I haven't heard anything new from them in a while.

You too, eh? Yesterday I was bragging about how I got to see them several times, playing little clubs in Toronto when they were still unheard of. I bought their first demo tape at one of those shows. Tape. *giggle*

Beeblebrox's is a great place. Or was...? Been so long since I lived in Ottawa!

That's a *good* thing though - right?

Oh, no, Ottawa's a lovely place.

In the summer.

I lived there two summers, May-August, and it was just peachy. No ice storms for me, no way.

Yes. six years of winter in the Capital have ensured that I will never willingly return. Though I did love going to the Museum of Nature.....

The disc I got was Bargainville. I'm liking it so far, but I think I need to give it time to grow on me because Moxy Früvous are just so subtle in their silliness.

You've gotta remember the time-frame for the songs though, too. I think the only other CD of theirs I have is 'Thornhill.'

Yeah, but The Arrogant Worms are like that, too. I can appreciate dated Canadian jokes well enough. Like about half of the Worms' stuff, though, I think actively listening to Bargainville is necessary to get all the quirks. Though "Spiderman" amused me greatly.

Not used to you doing Daily Chronology type posts -- it's nice for a change :-)

Love you, beautiful -- thanks for the wonderful weekend!

I try to moderate the mundanity by being creative and unusual in my description of it. If I'm amused, then I figure it won't be complete skim-fodder.

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