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To jump, or not to jump, that is the question
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LJ is offering Permanent Accounts for one day only, sale ending tonight at 9pm PST. It’s equivalent in price to buying a Paid Account six years in a row (that is, it’s expensive), but I’m sorely tempted.

It makes me wonder what I’ll be doing with this account six years from now. I don’t see any reason why I would stop using it, and LJ has been around long enough to make it a good bet that they won’t disappear in that amount of time, but how will my relationship to blogging change between now and turning thirty? Perhaps this will all be so outmoded it will be the current-day equivalent of dialing in to a BBS with my smoking-fast 14.4 Zoltrix modem. Perhaps the community will age and mature like a fine wine, as The Well did.

Should I go for it? I’d never have to worry about keeping my journal paid up, ever. The only drawback is the six-year-equivalent investment in something on the internet. Maybe, though I saw the beginning and end of the great internet bubble, my view of the internet as a place of transience has become as outmoded as I’m speculating LJ may one day be. Maybe I’m just behind the curve. Should I go for it?

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If I'd have the cash I would definitely do it. So the only reason for you not to do it would be that my envious glare would follow you for months :P

I will soothe me with the thought that I maybe get bored of LJing one day and therefore it is muchmuchmuch more sensible to wait 'til the next sale.

(I WANT ONE :((()

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