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In better news...
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In better new than my last post, I’m off work for the next two weeks. My birthday is next weekend on Saturday the 18th, and I had a lovely day.

The day started with picking up darthmaus and heading to Surrey Central for neomeruru‘s birthday lunch at a nice little Szechuan place called Ho Do Restaurant. The drive there was uneventful and the weather was beautiful for driving, and we got there just before the food started arriving. kindelingboy was there, which was a pleasant surprise as I hadn’t seen him since the Cogs 100 exam in April. I got to meet neomeruru’s sweetie, as well as several others whose names I can still remember (astonishingly!) but who I won’t name for LJ-etiquette reasons.

The food was good (though the deep-fried cod in sweet corn sauce was disappointingly soggy and lacked sufficient corn when compared to Hon’s excellent version—I’m spoilt to others already) and the conversation was good and highly amusing. When J interrupted the beginning of a role-playing war story to ask Maus in an only slightly condescending tone, “do you know what D&D is?”, I nearly choked laughing. Once the table had been enlightened to exactly how old-school Maus’ D&D experience was, J asked if it was okay to worship her. Then the war stories flowed, and surprisingly, weren’t boring as most war stories told about game one doesn’t know are. I think the fact that most of them were short and told to illustrate ongoing themes in their group (mostly about poor A’s unorthodox decision-making tendencies) saved them from being the typical kind of war story.

Neomeruru’s reaction to Maus’ domokun t-shirt was typical for her: squeeing just comes naturally to her, I think. (What’s “domukun”? These things are.)

I left the restaurant for work, after giving neomeruru a communist yuppie food stamp to cover Maus and I, arriving after a goodly drive and only a few minutes late. Work was relatively leisurely, made even more so by it being a Friday and it being my last-day-before-two-weeks-off day. It doesn’t hurt that H and R were on, who are very relaxed about work and yet industrious, and both good conversationalist. H being a woman (rare in aerospace), she also brings a refreshingly balancing influence to the otherwise male-dominated Stores department, and the otherwise male-dominated hangar in general.

Then I drove home. The drive was good, I made good time, and I had root beer and Reese’s peanut-butter cups for the drive. It was excellent all the way to my exit, and I’ll leave off there.

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Still wondering how accurately the connection was made between my being 'old-school' and my being just plain 'old', at least in relative terms ;-)

It was a fun time, love -- I'm glad you brought me :) Very cool bunch of people.

I enjoyed myself too, and I was pleasantly surprised to get along well with a table full of strangers so quickly. I think I need to relabel my mental picture of Sax as "meets new people well", pasting it over the old label that reads "awkward in social situations with new people".

Yes, they're neat people. Now I'm yearning for a good swords-and-sorcery game of D&D...

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