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The collaborative world-building project I set up a wiki for has been down the past couple of weeks during my move and subsequent exile in Abbotsford.

The good news is that Ardesia is back online, and doesn’t need that :3000 stuff on the end of the URL anymore. The bad news is that the URL has changed (from saxifrage.dyndns.org:3000 to ardesia.dyndns.org), so all y’all will have to update your bookmarks.

Progress prior to the move had been glacial, but that’s normal for a small wiki-based project at points in its life. I’m thinking of just going ahead and writing a bunch of entries so that people have something to look at, disagree with, enjoy, and build on top of, hopefully giving the project a bit of a kick in the rear.

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I think that'd be fun. I may need a reminder of exactly which one is your street since it never seems to stick, so call me if I don't call you.

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