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A goodly amount of time
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Spending thirteen consecutive hours in bed with a sweetie is lovely. I’m not sure how many of those were actually spent sleeping, either.

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My guess is about 9 ;-)

OK, maybe I'm being conservative ;-)

That's probably why John Lennon did it so often.

*gets whapped over the head for mentioning John Lennon again for the hundredth time in two days*

You're obsessed, but in a good way! ;-)

Reminds me of me and J.'s very first night, that was the start of our relationship. I think we slept about 3 or 5 hours, the rest was plain confusion what the hell had happened and... other things ;)

...now think about still having that kind of night over two years later, and you'll know why we're such happy people ;-)


*g* Well, we got rid of the confusion but I won't complain about the rest...

Hmm, yeah, I mean the nice non-confusion bits. Not that we don't have our confusion bits as well!! :-P

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