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I know a lot of you out there are using Windows Media Player for your music collections. I'm a fan of the Ogg Vorbis format, and Microsoft isn't, so almost my entire collection is unreadable by you people using WMP, not to mention things like phoneposts in ogg format. (I know that LJ is getting an MP3 license soon and so people will be able to make phoneposts in MP3, but LJ wouldn't have to waste that money if WMP wasn't helpless in the face of a wee ogg.)

Well, I'm currently enjoying listening to a couple Kraftwerk oggs in Windows Media Player. If you're a Windows XP user, as most of you likely are by now, go to the Enable .OGG file playback support for Windows Media Player page and install the two files written about there. Suffer no more! Join us in the brave new world of the year 2000, when the MP3 format became obsolete.

No more excuses, now—when all it took was searching for "wmp ogg" in Google and clicking on two links, merciless mocking will be well and truly deserved next time someone tells me they can't play ogg files.

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This is why I am happy that Winamp plays my .ogg files. Yup.

Me too. I wasn't aware this was a problem.

I've been recommending people use Winamp instead of WMP whenever I heard complaints of "I can't play that!", but now I have even more ammunition to throw at them. No more excuses!

I have yet to run into a need to run OGG files. MP3, WAV, and WMA all seem to be doing the trick for ATM.

Your linux hippy tricks are no good to me!! Commie!!


It's a music-purity thing on my part.

MP3, though it has a published standard for how an MP3 stream should be decoded, doesn't have a standard for how to encode a bitstream, the result being that quality varies from encoder to encoder even for the same bitrate.

The WMA spec is closed and unstandardised, so who knows what diabolic things are being done to the bitstream. MP3 is bad enough and it's a known spec.

WAV is too big, and so are all the other lossless formats like Shorten and FLAC.

That leaves Ogg Vorbis as the only format that has a stable spec for how the audio should be compressed and decompressed. As such, it's the only one that I can encode once and not worry about it being a "bad" encode. Since oggs are comparable in quality and compression to MP3s, they win. They also have a metadata format that is superior to what MP3 and WMA have to offer (on technical grounds). It doesn't hurt that half the reason I don't have to worry about the spec doing weird things is because it's opensource.

Of course, as soon as disk tech iterates one more generation and gives us another ten-fold increase in storage capacity, I'll be re-ripping everything to some lossless format, likely FLAC, and never, ever worrying again about file formats. Given a skipless rip and FLAC encoding, I have an exact copy of the track as it appears on the CD and I can encode it to any number of formats with no progressive degeneration of quality.

Y'know, if you weren't so silly in your taunting, I would never write so much. You just make a good target for my curmudgeonly technology ranting. :-)

I left my taunting silly as I know you take this very much to heart.

I find it more amusing as I am very much a 'consumer level user' when it comes to digital audio. I don't yet own an MP3 player although I am building one. I have lots of MP3s, videos, etc but only one OGG ... something you posted a long time ago.

As I am a consumer level user, I really don't give a fark about published standards, closed vs open specs, etc. All I care about is that my music works on my player of choice (winamp), that devices I look at can play my music (portable MP3/WMA players fit this bill), and that it sounds good to my ear using the devices I use to playback music (4 channel surround speakers and studio headphones).

MP3 and MPEG-2 works fine for everything I list about. If I was to move to something like OGG, I would be forced to go through my music and convert it all ... I would be forced to find or cobble together weird devices to play my music, etc.

Basically I would have to do something beyond inserting my CD into my computer, or downloading music from my friends.

Frankly, the computer is my bitch and it does what I say ... I am not interested in spending that kind of time on it.

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