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Birthday, part 1
saxifrage flower
Saw Batman Begins at the VanEast with darthmaus, spectral42, shannara, and greenstorm. It was good, and I will see it again with the roomies (though I’ve forgotten what day miravaz has decreed to be the day of seeing). I love the way it throws canon out the window while keeping the essential characters and relationships. I thought Ra’s Al Ghul only appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, but according to Wikipedia’s article on Batman, both he and Scarecrow/Professor Jonathan Crane were established in various comics before that series began. In any case, I really like what they’ve done with the material. If they’re trying to reinvent the movie franchise, this is a good beginning.

Earlier in the day I sat with Maus in Heritage Park in Mission, eating cheese and bread and watching bunnies. It was lovely. The bunnies in that park are of particular interest to me, because I knew their great-great-great-great-ad-nauseum-grandma. When we moved to Mission my family had a rabbit, a larger salt-and-pepper one. She lived in the back yard until she learnt to dig under the fence, and then hopped about the neighbourhood, coming home to sleep, eat, and get pets. (Cats do it, why not rabbits?) This arrangement worked for quite awhile, until some well-meaning neighbour took pity on the poor rabbit that was obviously lost and confused, caught her, and took her “home” to the park down the street. We found out her mistake a while later, but it was good to know she’d gone somewhere good for a rabbit rather than been eaten by something. So now, every rabbit in the park reminds me of her, and how she’s likely their ancestor from umpteen generations back.

The bunnies were very cute. The little tiny brown baby one was particularly so, though the large black ones lounging nonchalantly on the gravel road to the graveyard had their own kind of big-bunny charm.

The cheese was very tasty, too—apricot Wensleydale and some Irish Guinness beer cheese.

Also! Mission Folk Festival tickets are acquired! July 22, 23, and 24 are all booked up for camping, good music, and lounging about grassy fields in the sun.

Now to get some sleep so that I can get on with the other 22 hours of my birthday. Oh yes—rheall, didja know I share a birthday with Paul McCartney?

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Oh yeah: Happy birthday! :>

No, I didn't! Hehe, that's pretty nifty. =D

Sounds like you've had a great birthday so far. Well, I wish you happy for the rest of it as well! *hugs*

Tell someone over there to give you a hug from me. =)

happy anniversary of birth! :o

and again a happy birthday!

My first present:
You have a "bunnies" tag and thus have my ultimate adoration for at least 24hrs, maybe a bit more if you behave.

As far as I'm aware the only long running charecter to be born from the Batman cartoon was Harley Quinn, who has subsquently transfered over to the comic book form.

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