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Birthday party, part 2
Been out of LJ-land since shortly before my party on Saturday, and I’m catching up now.

My Audioscrobbler account is doing much more interesting things now that it’s had some time to compile statistics.

The party was good, and much fun. There were a few people who couldn’t make it that I wish could have been there (looking at you, flipzagging, rheall, and neomeruru! The rest I know I’ll be seeing soon enough), but I did get to see a bunch of people who I hadn’t in a while. Speaking of which, A forgot his copy of Beyond Good and Evil here again, though miravaz does appreciate his oversight.

I now have a small flotilla of li’ul bowts to play with, and they are nifty keen. I’m thinking of making some terrain like this to make it more interesting.

EDIT: Of course, I am a very bad birthday boy for neglecting to heap praise on the excellently Mousey party-thrower, who ran around and made sure everything was going smoothly before conking out early for a well-deserved rest. I owe how well the party turned out entirely to her enthusiasm for my natal day and all her enviable organising skills. Praise be to Mouse! Love you, sweetie.

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Ooo...lemme know if you wanna get together for Pirates. I have a not bad fleet myself.

Ya, nice party dude. Much fun. Glad you like the boats. :)

And very well done, miss mouse for hostessing. You were great. :)

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