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Sunshine so fine
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I went for an unintentional walk today and sat on the sea shore watching the tide come in. It was restful. I’d forgotten how good it is to just go out and be, doing nothing in particular. I watched boats bob on waves, drifting around on their bowlines as the wind and tide pushed them.

The flotsam that the tide brings in is an amazing collection of random pieces of humanity and ocean life: there were innumerable tiny floating shells of dead crabs, a new one turning up every time a bit of kelp turned an inflated leaf; bits of boats and other things that can be found but never rejoined with the people who lost them; a green apple, looking as fresh as if just picked off a tree or fruit stand in a Hastings Street market, with three bites taken out of it; plastic garbage, perhaps tossed off a boat, or as likely dropped on a street without a thought and washed into our storm-drain system and flushed out to sea; kelp—lots and lots of kelp.

There’s something fascinating about watching a tide come in that is neither hypnotic nor trying of one’s patience. There’s a rhythm to the motion, to the progression of tiny events, that seems a natural fit to the human attention. Add in wind and sun, a dog splashing in the water a little ways down the shore, a crow picking through the surf, and the sounds of bicycles on the path behind me, and it’s very engaging and soothing.

It was unintentional walk and sit, because my car had refused to start and stranded me at the Broadway London Drugs. It did this last summer, too, refusing to start in hot weather shortly after being driven (but not right after it’s stopped), and then agreeing to start again after just less than an hour or sometimes more. As the problem asserts itself, the symptoms get worse, and eventually it refuses to start in very predictable situations and the time between stopping the engine and it failing to start again diminishes to nothing. It’s not a battery problem, as the car can start, but the starter just fails to do its thing. It was decided to be a defective starter last year, but a few hundred dollars later and the new starter did the same thing. A third starter didn’t, but then the weather was starting to cool... And, now that the sunny weather is back, the problem returns again with starter number three.

So, the car won’t start and I’m really kicking myself because it did start on the first try, but I let go of the key before the engine caught. I left and sat in a Blenz with an iced tea for a while. Walked back to try the car again, no dice. So, I went for that unintentional walk down to Charleson Park. And, coming back, I discover that not only will the car still not start, but I’ve got a ticket from the lovely folks at Impark because I had a total brainfart and didn’t notice the signs, and neglected to buy a $2 ticket for my recalcitrant car. It’s my first-ever parking ticket. I’m not sure whether I should be glad of it as a milestone, or rue my loss of a perfect record. I suspect the latter, and that the former only comes from the remarkable dearth of useful milestones in North American culture.

I was at the London Drugs to buy a wireless range extender, because miravaz‘s computer is having “issues” with the “network” and “can’t find it” even though it “found it just fine during the party”. The rest of the day was spent debiting from the serenity I’d accumulated sitting at +49° 16’ 5.70“, -123° 7’ 22.40” while I fiddled with networking hardware and software, discovering that, yet again, Windows Is Stupid™ and does the Wrong Thing™ when you fiddle with its safe little world: when the extender was disconnected while Windows was using it, Windows noticed the faint signal from the actual router and started using that. When the extender was turned back on in a new position (I was moving it so that I could test the computer’s reception when the extender was in various locations), Windows would remain connected to the router in the basement with the faint, faint signal even when it was told to disconnect and reconnect to the strongest signal. Of course, Windows was perfectly happy to do the Right Thing™ if it was rebooted.

Oh, and I think I figured out what’s wrong with Miravaz’s computer’s reception: the wall against which his computer desk is placed and which divides that room from the rest of the house seems to be lead-lined or something. The extender gives “excellent” reception to his computer if it’s in the hallway right outside the room’s door in such a way that the wall doesn’t block the line-of-sight to the wireless card. I’m considering getting an external antenna for his wireless card and returning the extender, because WTF? On the other hand, networking equipment is neat, so I don’t really want to return it. Besides, it gives über-good reception upstairs, now.

No Pirates for me tonight—finishing off chores and watching silverseastar try the birdmen’s gliding challenge in Zelda took up the evening.

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*hugs* Sounds like car misbehaviour is increasing :-(

I’d forgotten how good it is to just go out and be, doing nothing in particular.

Yes, that's easily forgotten. I try to steal such little moments now and then, even if it's just taking a detour with my bike on the way home and looking for interesting buildings.

Yay, Schandmaul!

We have network problems at the Teahouse too - and possibly some lead-lined walls. Our router wound up on top of our Washer/Dryer combo because it's the most central location (despite the fact that the reception's supposed to be good for 30+ feet....) The ideal of having a 'wireless' connection then involved having a connection running across the kitchen, through the hall and into the office where Tania's computer resides, and wireless for the other two household computers. *sigh*

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