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Need suggestions
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I need to do/read something uplifting. I’m folding laundry fresh from the dryer right now and it’s doing nothing for my sense of self-efficacy and mood despite the fact that I never get around to folding my laundry so quickly. It’s something to do with the fact that it’s something I’m supposed to do, therefore it doesn’t count as being productive; as in, I’m only making par. So, it’s not really doing anything for my spirits.

Yeah, so. I need something to lift my spirits. Failing that, I’m going to go to sleep and hope I wake up feeling better.

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Hmm...read something really engrossing and exciting - if you haven't read the Anita Blake series yet?

The Merry Gentry books have more sex.

However, that's about all they have.

I suggested something physical, like a walk, and he's off doing that.

Have you tried dancing with a stick of butter? Get the butter a nice dress and spin it around the living room.

Seriously, works everytime.

OR! Read/watch/listen to some of the Nero Wolfe stuff.
Watch a car chase movie.
Listen to the full 17 hour version of Vagner's The Ring
Read "A Brief History of Time" while listening to the soundtrack to "The Little Mermaid"

Read "A Brief History of Time" while listening to the soundtrack to "The Little Mermaid"

Does that work the same way that watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon works?

More like trying to watch Shakespeare while a child whacks you in the leg with a plastic bat. You do it for the challange.

Thanks, that made me grin. You're good at this.

Masturbation, rat-cuddling, or reading. Also: deliberately smelling things that grow outside.

Read over all the Bunny comics. THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT. Works for me. Also when I am sad I look at pictures of Oolong the pancake bunny.

BUNNIES. The bestest.

I do have an offer of playing Pirates from eva00, and Miravaz has been wanting to learn to play since the party. If things don't conspire otherwise, we may actually be home and free at the same time tonight to play.

But, in any case, I'm feeling somewhat better by now. Still, Pirates is a good idea...

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