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Feeling better, more centred
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I went for a walk and feel better for it. It really helps, when one is feeling at all depressed, to be okay with feeling depressed. Otherwise you just spend so much mental energy on feeling that being depressed is a bad thing that you just feed the depression and get a claustrophobic emotional cycle.

So, yeah, I’m depressed, but I’m much more at peace with that and ready to go forward and through it rather than trying to defeat it. I always do better as a willow than I do trying to be an oak.

Thanks for the suggestions, though I ended up not really needing them. The catgirls are amusing.

What I’d really like right now is someone to curl up with and just be cuddled, but I don’t have that option at the moment. It’s a comforting image to fall asleep to, though. I think I’ll go do that.

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I have a bed perfect for curling up and cuddling, if you're ever comfortable exercising the option and don't mind waking up to a dearth of real breakfast foods.

you know... in times of great sadness where i felt overwhelmed... Pookie was always there for me. She is a great cuddle buddy...


Yes, she never fails to come curl up beside me when I go to bed. She's a good Pookie.

I love you, beautiful. I'm so sorry that happened.

...and you've *always* got that option, OK? Even then, you did.

Good to know things are righting themselves. Sometimes I've found that if I just admit to being depressed, it helps to get rid of it. And then an opportunity to have fun usually drops itself into my lap.

The catgirls are, however, thoroughly amusing.

Yeah, it does seem to work that way. The fun thing didn't fall into my lap this time, but that's okay. Sleep was good.

Sleep will help you rebalance so that you notice the fun thing or have it come by. If all else fails, whip some arse at the local arcade at your game of choice.

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