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Fucking cookies
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Every time I load my Friends page, www.homedepot.com tries to set two cookies on my browser. I’m not looking at fucking homedepot.com, get of my internets!

I’ve also noticed in the past few weeks that if I do a google search on a large company name such as “london drugs”, I suddenly get a request to store a cookie on my browser from the main web page of the company. Seeing as I’m at Google.ca and not fucking londondrugs.ca, this pisses me off.

You there! Stop fucking with the internet! It was not made for your corporate aggrandisment!

Fuck fuck fucking fuck fuckerfying fuckity fuck. (Just in case I didn’t hit my quota of swearing.)

EDIT: That said, I understand that Google is justified in providing a "we'll help you set cookies for tracking purposes when you get searched" service to large companies. I don't actually dislike that as much as my histrionics would indicate—I choose to use Google and they have no obligation to run their page in any particular way. I do get right pissed when companies use surreptitious web bugs (say, in a quiz result) to try and set cookies on me while reading my Friends page. That's just wrong.

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A bunch of savages in this town.

The cookies just want to be your friends and help you improve your life. ;)

On that thought, it occurs to me to wonder what goes through the mind of a tick when if finds a new friend...

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