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MIT Weblog Survey
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Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Some fascinating stats from the preliminary results (which you, too, can browser through once you complete the survey):

So far...
...there have been 20 points more female respondents than male.
...I am exactly the median age of respondents.
...weblogging is decidedly a post-millennial phenomenon. But then, we all knew that.
...most people, by a small but significant margin, have more than one blog (or, possibly, post to a shared blog).
...of the thousands and thousands who have responded, one-hundred-some-odd blog because it is required of them.
...I am a very typical blogger.
...I am a very atypical email user.
...I have an unusually-intimate IM buddy list.

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I was amazed at the age curve. Very interesting distribution, I half expected it to be more slanted towards the younger.

About the more than one blog: for that, I simply counted communitites I (co-)moderate.

And I'm the most atypical communications user evahr. No emails per day, and my answers to almost all other questions. I do have a buddy list where 20% are my family's contacts, though. ;)

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