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Playing dressup in an adult kind of way
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I’m going to Sin City (EDIT: not the movie! read the link!) next weekend (Saturday, July 9th for those of you who might want to show up too), but I haven’t a thing to wear, as they say. Of course, they don’t expect you to wear much to this sort of thing, but I still like to do something with a bit of style, even if it’s an, um, individual kind of style.

In the past I’ve mostly borrowed darthmaus‘s hubby’s nice SCA garb and gone in period-ish costume, but the same-ol’ gets boring. I don’t have anything handy out of which to assemble a costume, so I can’t just do a mix-and-match until I find something that works. This means, that if I’m not going to just borrow the garb again (if that’s even an option—I think he might be coming this month too), I’m going to need to get some stuff to create an outfit out of.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m fond of shiny metal and black. Gender-bendy facepaint intrigues me too, and I there are at least a couple people who I think I could drag into doing me up in that (no pun intended, honest!) as I’ve no experience myself.

What I’ve already got: jaw-length brown hair that I wear down but is long enough to put up; 6’ 2“ of height; various sarongs; and for footwear I’ve only west-coast-style utility sandals, decent black boots that are laceless and low-topped (Blundstones, FYI), and dress shoes (in black and in brown). Not a whole lot to work with.

So give me ideas! Don’t worry whether it might be too staid or risqué, simple or complex, just throw them out there and we’ll see what comes out. I’ve got a little over a week to figure it out and arrange to get it all together. Dress me up.

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Oy.. I'm going to point reverend_pain this way. He knows a lot about Sin City and has experience in dressing as comic chara.

Curse that movie! No, this has nothing to do with comics. It's Sin City, as in a club night about sinful stuff—fetish clothes, bondage, leather, PVC... read the link. :)

Ah, just paint one half of your body orange and the other half blue and stick a live crab in your mouth. (Pointy side out of course) Darling, you'll be the bell of the ball!

I mean WOW! Do I give the worst advice or what?


But he doesn't like crab.


Although I kinda like the body paint part!

Hey, I'm posting here because chili_das_schaf pointed me this way, maybe it'll give you some ideas.

I know nothing about you beside what you posted here, so I dunno if this works. Also, since I don't know you and I don't do Geek code, I'm not sure whether you're male or female, so I'll just include all costumes I could think of. That being said, here we go. ^_^

You obviously have to be a guy for this, a big guy.
Head & face: Short hair, bony chin. Lots of small cross-shaped plasters in the face, one of them on one eye, if you can stand it. Get some artificial blood, use sparsely.
Accessories: Long leather coat, gun, bloody undershirt, can of pills (carried in one hand), bottle of beer (in the other). See http://video.movies.go.com/sincity/downloads/download_wp_marv_800.html

Girl. This one will give you attention. Tons of it.
Head & face: Long brown or blond hair. Keep it flowing.
Accessories: Cowboy hat. Tight leather pants. Leather bra (or topless). Cowboy-style gloves with leather bands. See http://video.movies.go.com/sincity/downloads/download_wp_nancy_800.html

Yellow Bastard:
Guy. Easy to do.
Head & face: Lose the hair or use a fake bald head (important). Paint your face and all visible skin bright yellow. No facial hair as well.
Accessories: umm, bathrobe and boxers. ALternatively use short pants and a t-shirt but make it look grimy and don't forget to paint all visible skin yellow.

One of the hookers:
Girl costume. You can go pretty much wild on this one. Gail would be bondage with whips and lots of handcuffs. Miho would be on rollerblades, with swords, swastika-shaped throwing stars (cut them out of cardboard, paint them silver and attach them to the costume) and does not talk. See http://video.movies.go.com/sincity/downloads/download_wp_miho_800.html

Kevin:(The silent killer.)
Male. Easy one.
Head & face: Neatly done hair, maybe ponytail if you don't wanna cut your hair. Boyish looks, big round glasses. Slight smile, always. Don't talk.
Accessories: Conservative clothing, like you're still living with mom and let her buy all the clothes. Sweater with one Charlie Brown-style zigzag pattern over chest. Wear sneakers that allow you to walk very silent, Converse Chucks maybe. One thing: long fingernails. He uses those to slash Marv's face. If you want, carry a sledgehammer.

That's all I can think of right now. If you're unclear as to my instructions Hope that helped.

That's all I can think of right now. If you're unclear as to my instructions Hope that helped
Err, that should've been "If you're unclear as to my instructions go to http://www.sincitythemovie.com/"


Hypatia shoes has up to size 14, if you're into real pain. ;)

I could make you something out of ducttape. It comes in colours.

You know, you live with a bunch of costumers who LOVE to dress up for Sin City. I doubt you have anything to worry about. Also, a trip to Value Village might be in order. I'd be up for that next week.

Oh, and you have 1 1/2 weeks ;)

Yeah, you're right. Good—otherwise, I was wondering when I'd have time between sleep and work to actually put something together. At least now I've the weekend.

Ms. chili_das_schaf failed to tell me that in your case Sin City is a club and not the recent movie of the same name. I myself failed to see the link in your post and click on it. Just ignore my post then, will ya?

I failed myself to read the post thoroughly. It was too hot :P

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Michael Jackson. Get mouse to dress up as a little boy.

You're a BAD, BAD man!!

And Mouse would make a very strange little boy in a fishnet bodystocking and thong.

With, like, you know, breasts, and stuff.

Now after I got what place you're talking about: I used to go to a place that had a goth / fetish night every month. The most interesting things I saw there were a guy in a latex skirt and a woman dressed as angel, complete with wings and all, leading a guy on a collar.

I like you to see you painted up, wearing a skirt, hiking boots, and nipple tassles. hair done into pippilongstocking style side of head braids interlaced with sparkling strings.

but then again, I am kind of bizarre.

(that ... and I like Tilly's suggestion. She pantsed me for my first outting to Sin City ... best she tapes you up.)

If you value comfort over style, chose something light or ventilated. Sin City gets pretty darn warm in the summers.

I have a pair of black leather pants that should fit you and if you want them, they are YOURS (they no longer fit me since the baby showed up - and I have disproportionately long legs for my height)

If you're at the barbeque this weekend, do bring them and I'll try them on. A pair of black leather pants never hurt a wardrobe. :-)

Do you have a black suit? If you have one, and pick up some cheap gothic chains and pointy things, and have someone do your make-up, you could go as Corporate Fucker Gone Goth.

Ooo, that would make an awesome comic book character.

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