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(no subject)
My roommate has a snake. It hasn’t eaten in about three months. It’s being fed right now.

This is a bit traumatising.

I thanked the rat for the meal and life it was giving to the snake.

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Erm. Live rodent? Or, um, frozen?

It's what you take on when you have a carnivore for a pet. At least he's not one of these fscking morons who try to turn their dogs and cats into vegans.


I pity the poor mousies Niko decapitates right in front of me but it's his nature, I can't punish him for that.

Dang! Niko looks like a cat with ATTITUDE!

Yeah, live. It was all cute and whiskery. And unsuspecting.

She won't eat frozen ones, and she needs to eat. I think we tend to forget where our own meat comes from as we get it nice and processed but it was alive once too. While the rat was cute and unsuspecting, it's best that it didn't know it was coming.

All that being said, I stayed downstairs for that part because I've had rats as pets and it would have made me sad to hear it.

this is a lot more upsetting considering i JUST finished rereading 'mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH'.

...my favourite children's book...!

are you going to kill me if i tell you that i'm writing a justin/mrs. frisby fic?

Yeah, I'd forgotten about that. You keeping one of those draught excluders at the base of your door whne you are sleeping in there?

Considering that the smallest of the cats would win if there was a showdown between it and the snake, I'm not worried. It's not terribly big.

Then what's it doing getting rats? Shouldn't it be getting cute, little, not-even-fuzzy-yet baby mice?

What, are you serious? You mean to tell me that when I was over, I was with a very dangerous, hungry man-eating snake?!


If by "dangerous" you mean "sluggish and bored", and by "man-eating" you mean "couldn't manage a human hand", then yes, yes you were.

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