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Canadian Gay Marriage — almost
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Yay for Bill C-38 legalising gay marriage in Canada. Except that it’s not law yet, despite the joyous celebrations. It has yet to pass the Senate or the Governor General and so pass into law. However, those are pretty much (but not entirely) formalities, so it should pass.

I’ll save my celebration until it’s in the books. Almost there...

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The fact that your one more step closer to equality than we are should at least put wind in your sails. Well that and your governent was smart enough to know a bullshit excuse for war when they saw one.

Yeah, it's pretty cool to see it pass the House. It was looking really close for a while there, but sense has prevailed. It sets a good precedent.

Not that it affects me but *woohoo*
actually *thinking* it matters to my little brother a lot.

I'm hoping it passes. It should!

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