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(no subject)
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Mmm, sweet chocolaty goodness. C’mon, kick my blood-sugar level up a notch! The burrito and glass of milk aren’t working fast enough on their own.

Thanks for the Toblerone, shannara! ’S tasty.

EDIT: There’s something wrong with my tastebuds—for the last month, I’ve perceived all milk chocolate I’ve eaten as tasting faintly of mint. If smelling burnt toast means one has a brain tumour, what does tasting mint in chocolate mean?

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I noticed that once or twice too, though. Always when I'm with you, mind you... hm. Strange.

Maybe it's just natural Saxifrage flavour?

Hm, no, I'm pretty familiar with that. It's tasty, but not terribly minty, really.

Hmm, okay, so maybe rincing more after brushing ones teeth?

Or is it just one of those things that comes with old age?


I've heard a lot of European chocolate tastes this way.
Mind you I've found that chocolate in different places tastes different.

Maybe somebody mixed up vanillin and mint? :)

It was a locally-procured Toblerone, so that can't be what it is. I'm suspecting there's something in the environment of my new place that chocolate picks up that subtly alters the flavour. At least, it's no stranger an explanation than any other I can think of.

It means its time chop our exploding plot of mint down to a managable size again. Or the girls are rubbing fresh crushed mint leaf juice from their hands all over everything.


Very muchly velcome!

I thought that smelling burnt toast meant having a heart attack?

I thought it meant the toast was burned.
(Sorry, couldn't resist while trolling my friend's friendslist...)

Oh, so that's why there was a burnt toast smell in the air when I forgot that I had toast in and it came out scorched today. Now I get it. (Kidding, don't hurt me!)

(Pssst, I do the same thing!)

I'm surrounded by smart-asses...


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