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Why I'm not at work
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I drove around a little around noon today, getting some pet supplies to deal with the discovery that my Pookie is marking in the bathroom. Bathroom cleaned, I got ready to leave for work, only to have the car refuse to start.

Let me tell you, trying to push-start a car alone, on a very slight grade (going the wrong way), is great exercise.

The end result is that I’m not at work, but at home. I’m not going in next week, or the week after, or any week at all this summer. I could have used the cash, but I don’t need it. I don’t like leaving my crew leader in the lurch since a permanent employee up and quit this week with −1 days notice, but I am casual labour, technically, and I’m not obligated to work next week—I wasn’t even scheduled to work next week, though my crew leader was asking if I would (and I didn’t give a definite answer either way).

Beyond all that, though, the evening shift there was just a major stressor on my life. When I wake up at 11:00am and have to leave for work at 2:30pm, everything except sleeping and making money eventually falls by the wayside. Notice I didn’t say sleeping, working, and eating.

So, I’m home now, finally, completely. Pookie will get my attentions as she’s obviously been so needing them; I’ll be able to enjoy communal dinners with my roomies (and remember that Thursdays are my cooking night!); The laundry and other chores will be done with more timeliness; I'll be able to unpack (*gasp!*); and I’ll be able to do more in terms of leisure than simply catching up on my Friends page.

Now I just gotta figure out what I’m going to do with my unexpected Friday evening.
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Oh, I somehow didn't pick up that you were done work for the whole summer! As long as you're not going to be financially stressed out, love, it sounds wonderful :)

Yeah, I did some back-of-the-frontal-lobe calculations last night and figured that I'll have to cut back on eating out (which is fine, with good food at home), but I'll be alright.

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