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Philip K Dick reincarnated using Philip K Dick's works
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They’re building an android of Philip K Dick, partially based on his personality-reconstruction thoughts in his story “We Can Build You”. It sounds like a really ambitious project, but it also sounds like they have very good people behind it who are going to do it right, as well as is currently possible anyway, instead of doing it just as a thin stunt.

What they’re saying is currently possible is actually pretty impressive, though.

Stolen from porphyre.

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If they can bring back P.K. Dick, or something close enough to him, then we can proclaim that we live in a P.K. Dick novel. If we did that, the universe might start making sense.

That might be the *ONLY* way it would make any sense!

Shh. If you keep saying that, people will start seeing the fnords more often. And we don't want panicked masses, now do we?

But ... panicked masses are so much more easily *controlled* than educated free-thinkers!

And you think you're going to be the one controlling the masses? Well, maaaaybe.

And besides, you'd need a psychoistorian like Seldon to predict the results of your controls so that you could get maximum effect out of them.

Can't think of anyone better! :)

I live simultaneously in fear and total adoration

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