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It's sick when The Onion becomes reality
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The Onion: New Dad Thinks Baby Might Be Gay

The real world: Thought Toddler Gay, Dad Kills Son

It was funny until it was true. There’s a very sick culture in this world, breeding sick people.
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You know it's time to shut The Onion down or start calling them the psycich news or something. Either they are causeing this shit to happen or their reporting it two months in advance.

I had to stop making jokes like this a few years ago. I stated the day dubya was forced upon us "You watch in a year the economy will be in the shitter and we'll be at war with someone."

Less than 11 months later...

The world has become last season's satire, no matter how insane one tries to make their joke, the world keeps tossing itback at us.

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