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Pirates, yarr
We played Pirates and watched Red Dwarf today, which was fun. kindelingboy made it out, and smartly kicked my and darthmaus’s asses with his motley fleet. There was also surprise pineapple, which was so ripe it tasted like piña colada.

‘Twas much fun, and I’m going to do this again sometime soon. Stay tuned! (And next time, I’ll make sure I actually say the day of, rather than just say “tomorrow” and let the post date itself. Whoops. I meant to, really—sorry eva00!)

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Better call Coosto 'cause Im sendin your ptifiul boat to the deep blue!

That was sooo beginner's luck. And you let me get some of the best ships.

I might be tempted to buy my own and have at ye another day.

And omg so much fruit.

Re: Better call Coosto 'cause Im sendin your ptifiul boat to the deep blue!

Yeah I am very into the healthy snacks.

Hey, I'm gonna lj-friend you, k?

Yarr, t'Davy Jones' locker you'll be goin'.

Beginner's luck, and some very good blockading. I love the way tactics just evolve naturally out of the simple rules of the game. Now that I've got two big scary ships, though, even if you do have Le Superbe next time I'll still have HMS Titan. ;-)

More Pirate ships and more havin' at ye can't be a bad thing.

What's your work schedule like? Would it be feasible to get together during the week? Because I was thinking more piratey goodness Tuesday or Wednesday or something would be fun. Mouse and I are both on vacation, so we're pretty flexible.

Sadly, my days off are Sunday and Monday, I have to work late Tuesday and Wedensday.

We'll play pirates some day. My boats will sail again!

Monday, you say? How about tomorrow we get together then? And by tomorrow, I mean Monday. :-)

As I said, Mouse and I are rather flexible at the moment. Her reaction to the suggestion was, "Tomorrow? That would rock!" So I think she's on board too!

Err....Monday is the only day Andrew and I have off together, so I'll have to check if he wants to come by and join us, 'cause that rare time together is, well, rare.

That would be cool, I've barely met your boy!

We could also come by your place if that works better for you. Either way -- let us know. If none of that is any good, some other time :-) I certainly know the importance of those rare snippets of time (and so does saxifrage00!)

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