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Wreck Beach surf
saxifrage flower

Massive, massive blueberries
Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
More Wreck Beach goodness this evening with darthmaus and the cute couple that is droooler and eva00.

The tide was high and the wind blowing strong inland. There were huge breakers—well, huge for Vancouver—and people were throwing themselves around in the waves, screaming and laughing. We were out there with everyone else, anticipating each wave and then jumping into or over it. I wish I had a waterproof camera, because I wish I could have captured some of the images burned in my brain of a wave’s crest shattering around one of us, arms reaching for the sky and face beaming with playful joy.

Eva and Droooler brought some pasta and quinoa salads with them, and introduced me to the wonder that is quinoa, the grain of a South American cereal crop which is delicious in a strange way. It’s not satisfying in any easily identifiable way, but it’s just good-feeling food. Prepared the way it was, it was soft and a bit chewy, but not pop-out flavourful. Even so, I kept eating it as something in my brain tried to figure out what was so interesting about each mouthful. I still haven’t figured it out, but I want to try more.

The blueberries were terribly tasty. The bag of Doritos I brought could hardly compete, especially when we read the evil and extract of Satan in the ingredients list, right before MSG and disodium inosinate, respectively.

My camera has a food setting, for “taking appetizing pictures of your food”. Qualitative assessments so far indicate that it just makes the images’ colours slightly warmer and the focus slightly fuzzier than it should be.

More people will be drug out to Wreck Beach soon, I’m sure. You may be next!

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What kind of camera/lense are you using for these?

It's a Pentax Optio S5z, which has a Pentax lens. That's half the reason I bought it—a digital camera from a lens manufacturer is almost always better at image quality, as the electronics expertise can be bought or farmed out, but lense expertise has had decades to develop.

Do you know I think you look a helluve like Jan? Especially on this pic.

He doesn't, really. I mean, RL, though some pics seem to make it so.

Yeah, I really can't judge, I just got the impression of the few pics I saw. Maybe I'm biased because sometimes during IM chats with saxifrage00 I think they are alike in a few aspects, for example things they say often. But of course I can't think of an example now... *wrecks brain*

They've definitely got some similarities personality-wise. :D I can't think of anything right now, either.

Ah well, the presentation effect... I bet I'll remember two weeks later in the middle of the night what I wanted to say now. But yeah, although I can't really claim to I know saxifrage00 that well I already saw some similarities ;)

Gaming and enthusiasm, though they manifest very differently in each.

Pedantism and the affinity for discussing tricky questions is what comes to my mind now.

Concerning Jan I'm very glad about that gaming thing. My last boyfriend thought I was crazy.

Huh. The former seems to come through very differently in the both of them, to me, although I haven't really talked to either in ages.

It's always good to have a boyfriend who doesn't think you're crazy.

Well, concerning saxifrage00 it is quite useful for me because surely nobody corrects my English more often than he does ;)

Heh, well he does think I am crazy but in the good way XD

Pardon me while I swoon.

Ah, that's a beautiful shot, if I do say so myself. I can't help but compulsively take pictures of that face.

I wouldn't say that they look alike, although they could be regarded as of a type (the slender, long-haired, bespectacled type).

As said somewhere below here I can't really judge cos all I see from saxifrage00 are those rare pictures :D I just got the impression but I know that some people really don't look like on their pictures. Or different on every single picture, like you XD

I can't help but compulsively take pictures of that face.

Know that feeling :)

We zipped past you on the Zodiac, if you stayed until 7pm or so.

We did! I wonder if I noticed the boat and didn't think anything of it. Juggler tells of a small craft warning yesterday. It sounds like it would have been harrowing for me, but it sounds like he enjoyed it.

ach laddie! Those blueberries look like they're the size of me noggin'!!!

mmmm ...

You know, I still haven't been to Wreck Beach since I was 2 ... and I refused to go naked then (to many damn hippies or something ... who knows. *chuckle*). I am pretty much the reverse of most people ... as a child, I hated being naked and would avoid it like the plague. Now, I spend as much time as i can naked ... although not at work, they frown on that in the schools for some reason. *chuckle*

Yet another reason to make with the Vancouver-living! Next time you're down for a whirlwind weekend this summer, darthmaus and I will have to abduct you from your frenetic plans and force you to lay about on the sand at Wreck.

They were excellent blueberries.

I am up for all of those things.

I keep threatening to drop by but my personal life has been so chaotically disorganized of late, I have, on at least one occasion, forgotten where I was going when I headed out the door, vehicle all packed.

mmmm ... blueberries and cream

Thanks. I'm having a lot more fun with the camera now, and I'm learning to be choosier about the pictures I keep.

That looked like an awesome shirt. I want that shirt. Yay for procrastination!

And it's been so long since I've played in waves; I'll have to get out to a beach someday. =)

Shanna is plotting to come to Wreck sometime soon, maybe after the Folk Fest. I can imagine the logistic hurdles to coming out yourself for that are daunting, but it's something to consider.

Failing that, it's always something to look forward to in Adult Life™. It's not all intimidating work and hair-pulling planning. ;-)

I'm going to be going out to Vancouver with my dad tomorrow. We might go walking around a beach somewhere or visit one of the outdoor swimming pools.

If my dad comes with me I could probably go to Vancouver any time, so any Sunday I might be able to ask him to bring me out. *shrug* It would be easier that way instead of trying to get my parents to bring me. =)

Naked Frodo!

That one's for the squeeing fangirls.

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