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(no subject)
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Mm, not much to say. Rather, lots to say, but I'm in a "meh, I don't care" sort of mood.

My Reliant (qv.) died; the transmission went, I think, either that or the clutch. It died in the wee hours of the morning on the 24th of December just after having dinner with my SO's mom, but it somehow got us off the highway, off the exit ramp, and two blocks away from home before it refused to engage any more. So we pushed. That sucked, especially so late at night. Granted, there wasn't any traffic to complicate things, but we were dead tired and wheezing as we fell into bed. (NB that there are a lot of small hills on our road, and a car is a lot of metal to push up even the most modest incline.)

So I've got myself an '87 Nissan Sentra coupe, which is nice in that it doesn't have any of the functional troubles that the Reliant has. The tires don't need replacing, the door seal doesn't leak, the transmission works, I didn't learn standard on it so the clutch is in better shape, the brakes don't need work, the axle is still in true. In general, it looks nice and it's even more fun to drive than the Reliant was.

Oh, and Happy New Year. My resolution was to finally bring the growing collection of bottles to-be-returned to the recycling depot by the end of January.