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Some nights I’m just feeling slightly odd...
berzerker candy heart
(01:12:13) shannara: Zarr.
(01:13:32) Saxifrage: Um, what is the Intergalactic Overlord during the 22nd Hegemonic Dynasty who was killed at the Battle of Sirius in 1344 Galactic Standard Year, Alex?
(01:14:22) shannara: ...Whoa, I totally dunno what to say to that.
(01:14:53) Saxifrage: Isn’t the answer “Zarr” for $200?
(01:15:12) Saxifrage: Or am I playing the wrong game?
(01:15:46) shannara: Yes. This is Monopoly! Keep your head in the game.
(01:16:08) Saxifrage: Right then. I’ll buy Sirius for $135 and build a hotel. In orbit.
(01:16:57) shannara: Feeling spacey tonight?
(01:17:14) shannara: Ha! Ha! Did ya catch that? “spacey”?!
(01:17:30) Saxifrage: Maybe a little. ^^

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a great movie. Dark and disturbing, but fun. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make a good couple.

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You *are* a silly rabbit.

L-O-V-E the icon!

...and tricks are for kids?


There's a reason why the same cast keep popping up in Tim Burton films. Look at the cast of the upcoming The Corpse Bride -- it will look amazingly familiar!

Yeah, I kinda figure it's like Hayao Miyazaki and Mark Hamill.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make a good couple.
You know, you phrase it like that and I see the two of them skipping through the daisies together.

That was deliberate. I did say I was in a silly mood.

And I think they'd probably be skeletal daisies.

Either that or those uber-fake poppies from The Wizard of OZ

The original was pretty dark too, wasn't it?
My love for your icon is ticking clock. Berzerker.

I haven't seen the original. I like Depp in this one because he makes you go "Heh, you're silly. Wait... now you're creeping me out. Okay, now you're really creeping me out. Augh! Wait, now you're just silly." Maybe Gene Wilder manages that too, but it's a particularly Deppy performance that I appreciate.

Gene Wilder (in my oppinion) never is able to get past the fact that he's in a musical to really becomes threatening. Everyone always claims he's got this edge of menace, but I always see him as a bit of a pretensious twonk who's always quoteing things. Turns out all the bits of the origonal I've always hated, Dalh also hated so I feel like I'm in good company.

Good couple or cute couple?

Good couple of what?

It's only now that I've seen Clerks that I get your icon. Ah, yes... so... okay... I get it.

It's one of those things that's so vulgar, and yet I'm so amused by it regardless, that I just have to be shameless about it.

Saxifrage00, use icon, girls think sexy

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make a good couple

but would have the scariest kids known to man!!!!!!!

Re: Saxifrage00, use icon, girls think sexy

And until the fertility treatments work and one of them gets pregnant, they'll just have to be satisfied with filmic children.

Re: Saxifrage00, use icon, girls think sexy

I dunno, I mean if we can wait a couple dozen years. One of Depps kids could marry one of Burtons kids...

Re: Saxifrage00, use icon, girls think sexy

FUCK! Imagine that I put apostrophies in there, okay?

Re: Saxifrage00, use icon, girls think sexy

Done! And yes, that'd be... interesting.

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